My Favorite Podcasts


Last fall, I subscribed to the Focus on the Family Magazine. I really enjoy reading the articles about faith, marriage, and parenting. Towards the end of every magazine, there is a list of upcoming Focus on the Family Radio Show topics. At some point, I decided that I really wanted to listen to one of the shows (I don’t remember what the topic was). I found the Focus on the Family App for my phone and started listening pretty regularly while I was making dinner.

I got out of that habit before the move to Pyeongtaek. But, after listening to the Online Homeschool Convention in May, I decided that I really liked listening to something while I was making dinner and doing the dishes. I remembered the Focus on the Family broadcast and thought that I might be able to find a few different things to listen to. I downloaded the Stitcher app for my phone and found several that I enjoy. One thing that I like about this app is that I can make a list of my favorite stations (podcasts) and when there is a new podcast added, the app will notify me.

I still listen to the Focus on the Family Radio Show. I just use the Stitcher App now instead of the Focus on the Family App.

I have two favorite podcasts. The first one is God Centered Mom with Heather MacFadyen. She is a Christian mom with four boys. I like the way she interviews her guests. I find out about really cool books and speakers from her podcasts. Her heart is for moms to know that they are worshipping Jesus just as much while they are washing dishes as when they are in church.

My newer favorite is Cultivating the Lovely with MacKenzie Monroe. A Christian homeschool mom of four, she has great guests as well. She just seems very real. And she reminds me a lot of my friend Mary back home so that’s a plus.

I also seem to be in the mood to listen to Dave Ramsey about once a week. Sometimes his guests ask crazy questions. But I like his no-nonsense answers about finances. I also appreciate that he comes at personal finances with a biblical perspective.