Homemade Tortilla Chips


If I buy a bag of chips, I will eat them in a day or two. I lack self control in that area. It’s better not to start unless I am going to make one serving.

Sometimes when I make tacos, I would much rather have them with chips than rice so I make my own. We don’t eat corn anymore, mostly because Tim and Clarissa are allergic to it. So I usually use the brown rice tortillas from Whole Foods. You could just as easily use corn or wheat tortillas though.


1 tortilla per person
cooking spray

1. Fold tortilla in half and in half again so it is in fourths.
2. Use a pizza cutter and cut in half so that you have eight slices.
3. Cut each slice into fours.
4. Spray cookie sheet.
5. Lay small slices on pan. Do not overlap them.
6. Cook at 350 degrees for four minutes.
7. Turn to broil for four minutes.
8. Take chips out of oven and pour salt on chips.