Ten Dollar Tribe


I have blogged about Crystal Paine and Lisa-Jo Baker before.  Both women have really encouraged me,  even though I have never met them in person.

Recently they traveled to South Africa together to see what Take Action Ministry does firsthand for the poor communities of Maubane and Reagoboka.

Crystal and Lisa-Jo have teamed up to start a Ten Dollar Tribe. This is simply a group of people who commit to give $10 per month towards this ministry. The cool part is that 100% of the funds from this project goes towards ministry.

Ten dollars doesn’t seem like a lot. But your money goes farther in South Africa.

  • $10 will buy 100 bowls of porridge for school children
  • $10 can provide 7 cooked meals
  • $10 can supply a month’s worth of school supplies
  • $10 can buy 2 weeks of cooking fuel for a local family.

And get this — $10 is a Caregiver’s full wage for a day!

Another thing I really appreciate about this is that the ministry is being accomplished by local leaders. I really think that God uses local people to reach their communities in amazing ways that foreigners can’t accomplish.

Ten dollars may not seem like a lot to us, but when a lot of people give ten dollars it really adds up. Plus I think about the Bible stories of how God uses little to do big things like using one little boy’s lunch to feed thousands.