Garbanzo bean flour


I don’t keep a lot of processed snack food in the house.  The main reason is that we are on a budget and gluten-free dairy free treats can be expensive.  It is much cheaper to buy flours and bake things at home. Thus,  I make dessert several days a week.  We definitely aren’t watching our weight around here…

One day at the end of last month,  we were in the mood for cookies but didn’t have much flour left so I did an experiment with what we had.  I tried my carob cookie recipe with all of the flour I had left.  I had like a tablespoon of white rice flour and a tablespoon of tapioca flour,  but mostly I had Garbanzo Bean Flour.  My total flour was about one fourth of the recipe.  I had to double the Carob Powder,  but let me tell you,  those were the eight fluffiest gluten-free cookies we have ever had.  I have been gluten-free for nine years,  so that is saying something!

Last week,  a friend surprised me with garbanzo bean flour and so I have been experimenting.  You will notice that I have updated some of the recipes to include garbanzo bean flour.  Who knew that was the secret ingredient?  What other tricks have you learned in your gluten-free cooking adventures?

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