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Clarissa and I love books. There are three summer reading programs in our area that we are eligible for and we completed the reading requirements for the entire summer of reading in less than two weeks! So I was very excited when we were given the opportunity to review a literature program. We received The StoryTime Treasures Student Guide and Answer Key and the More StoryTime Treasures Student Guide and Answer Key which is the entire first grade literature curriculum from Memoria Press.

I will say that we did not use Memoria Press for kindergarten so Clarissa is at a different reading level than what is probably suggested. For the beginning of The StoryTime Treasures, which is the first grade curriculum, students should be able to read most of these literature books. We completed the first unit, which was four weeks of Little Bear. Clarissa was not ready to read this book on her own. So for our review, I read aloud the book to her and she completed the activities that went along with the story.


Clarissa really enjoyed the story of Little Bear. She was frustrated that the curriculum wanted us to take so long to finish the book as she would rather read the book in one sitting, even if it is 63 pages. She didn’t like breaking it down into one chapter per week. So if your child would rather read the entire book in one sitting, this curriculum may be frustrating for your family.

I did like that there were several activities for each chapter of Little Bear. The activities were also similar from week to week so that Clarissa kind of knew what to expect before I explained what we would do that day. On the first day, there was come copy work. Even though Clarissa could not read most of the words on her own, I would read them to her, she would repeat them, and she would still write them down for handwriting practice. The second day had comprehension questions about the story. I would ask Clarissa the questions and transcribe her answers in the student guide.

Day three was a section called Let’s Talk, which had some great open ended discussion questions to help Clarissa relate the story passage to something in her life. For example, “Have you ever had a surprise party? Talk about a time someone surprised you.” I liked that it was something to make her think instead of just recall questions. Day four was Let’s Learn and had some kind of grammar lesson. During Little Bear, we learned about capitalization and punctuation marks. Day Five was Just for Fun so there was usually something to draw and write about.

I also appreciated that the student guide was spiral bound. It made it easier to flip pages and not have to tear pages out and lose them. The teacher edition was helpful because it had a picture of the student edition on the lesson page. There were also helpful hints, phonics ideas, and words to introduce to your child listed on the lesson pages. I did really like the activities that went along with the story so I think I will go back to this in the winter or spring when Clarissa is a more fluent reader. The list of books is great and filled with classics like Make Way for Ducklings, Frog and Toad are Friends, Stone Soup, Miss Rumphius, The Story about Ping, and Caps for Sale.

Several lessons reference Classical Phonics as well as Phonics Flashcards which are on the list for Memoria Press Kindergarten. So if I were actually going to purchase The StoryTime Treasures, I would purchase Classical Phonics and possibly the flashcards as well. I am interested to read the reviews about the other grade levels to see how they compare to first grade. Read the reviews of other crew members here.

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