I love my church!


I love my church!

Forefront is the first church that my husband has been excited about in his life. The worship is great. Lots of electric guitars and loud drums.

The first week we went, the pastor walked onto the stage to do announcements with boxers on over his jeans to promote an event our church was supporting that provides homeless students in Virginia Beach with clothes (including underwear) and school supplies each fall. He had this crazy looking beard and several tattoos. I appreciated that during the offering, the administrator asked guests not to give but just to enjoy the service. The sermon was great. I don’t remember what the pastor preached on (sorry Jason!). But I loved his style. He told stories about his family and his life to connect to the Bible passage he was teaching on. He also gave practical application.

We started going to Forefront¬†three weeks before Clarissa was due, so we’ve been there about a year.

Jason’s beard is a little cleaner now. I have just grown to appreciate this church more the longer I am there. I appreciate the heart of the leadership. They understand that they can’t do everything to please everyone. But what they do, they do well.

I love that this church serves the community. Each Sunday there are bins for donations for the Crisis Pregnancy Center, AidNow, and PIN Ministry. Also, there are snacks available. The donations from those snacks go toward the annual mission trip to Vietnam that trains teachers. In this house we are excited about Asia and I’m a teacher. So that trip is something near and dear to our hearts.

They have Sunday school for birth through high school. The nursery teachers are wonderful. They have all loved Clarissa so well. I am sure the other teachers are amazing too, I just haven’t met them yet. The family pastor is great at equipping parents to disciple their children. Before we could dedicate Clarissa, she sent us a few talks to listen to about the spiritual significance. They were super encouraging. Each week, Clarissa is sent home with a paper that gives me ideas about how to reinforce what the lesson was about that Sunday. There are also reminders posted on facebook.

The church has been meeting at Ocean Lakes High School. But, now we’re moving to a permanent location. I love the story behind the new location too. In the spring, the church put an offer on a building that another church was selling. The other church rejected our offer because it wasn’t high enough. Then a few months later, they called back to accept the offer.

Today was our last Sunday at Ocean Lakes. Saturday night, August 30, there will be an Open House at the new location from 6-9pm. Services start at the new location on Sunday, September 7 at 9:15 and 11 AM.

forefront info sign


If you’ve been thinking about going to church but have been afraid to try, I really encourage you to check Forefront¬†out. We will definitely be 11:00 service people! Since the weather has been great, we’ve been packing a lunch and exploring random parks in Virginia Beach. You’re welcome to join us. Message me and I’ll save you a seat.