Hip hop bus tour


The weekend before our Okinawa trip we booked the hip hop bus tour. It allows us to get to several places on our list on the same day and with easy transportation. It was also reasonably priced. It was about $125 for the three of us and that includes transportation as well as admissions to all of our sites today.

In the beginning of the tour, our guide handed out a headset to each member of the tour. This way, we can listen to the important information in our own language.

Our first stop was Busena Underwater Observatory. We had an hour at this location, which was enough time to use the restroom, walk to the observatory, view the fish, feed some fish, and walk back to the bus. They also had a glass bottom boat to see the coral reef from above, but we didn’t have time for both.

There was a small wait to get into the observatory and about 50 steps down. The bottom was great though. There were 16 port holes. Eight of them were adult height and eight of them were Clarissa height. The water was really clear and we could see several fish.

The bridge leading to the observatory had beautiful views of the ocean and coastline.

There was also a spot to pay 200 yen (about $2) for fish food. Clarissa enjoyed throwing the food to the fish.

The next stop on our tour was Ocean Expo Park. We had a little less than three hours there including lunch. They only took yen (not card) at the restaurant we went to. There was a dolphin show that got really crowded at the same time as the dolphin feeding experience. We waited in line to pay 500 yen ($5) to feed the dolphins. When it was our turn, the lady said, “Sorry. Sold out.” Clarissa handled it better than I did. But then one of the adults in line gave us her bucket so we gave her our 500 yen. Clarissa had a great time feeding the dolphins.

Then we headed to the big outdoor tanks for the sea turtles and manatees.

There were also a pretty place to see the beach.

Finally, we went to the Churumi Aquarium. It does have one of the largest tanks in the world. It was so crowded that it was a little overwhelming. But Clarissa loved it!

The whole time we felt rushed because we had to get back to the bus on time. There was so much more that we wanted to see at Ocean Expo Park. We thought about leaving the tour but because we didn’t take the city bus there, we had no idea how to get back without the tour bus.

The next stop was Kouri Island, which was pretty and Clarissa had a few minutes to get her feet wet. But the stop was only 30 minutes long. I think I would have preferred another hour at Ocean Expo Park instead of the time it took to get to the island.

The last stop was Mihama American Village. We were running ahead of schedule, so we thought we would have extra time there. The tour leader posted a time even shorter than what was scheduled. We decided to leave the tour since we knew how to get back to the hotel. This gave Clarissa some time to play at the beach and allow us some time for dinner before we headed back for the night.

We even got to see the sunset at the beach.

We had sushi for dinner. I was adventurous and tried some new things. I didn’t like the squid though.

Sunset Beach and Okinawa World


The busses from Naha Bus Terminal to Okinawa World only happen once per hour and we missed the the first one Wednesday. We decided to head to Mihama American Village instead. You can take either bus 20, 28, 29, or 120 to Kuwame stop (directly after US Naval Hospital).

Honestly, we were not very impressed. There were little shops for American things and a 100 yen shop (dollar store). There was also a bowling alley, a giant ferris wheel, and several restaurants. Our favorite part was the beach. I had read that we were out of season and the water would be too cold for swimming so I didn’t pack bathing suits for this trip. But I thought we could just put our feet in since it was so pretty.

I always carry a change of clothes for Clarissa anyway so I wasn’t upset that she got very wet. It took a while for her to realize that I didn’t have extra clothes for myself though. The water wasn’t that cold so we should have brought our suits anyway. Lesson learned.

We had lunch at Jai Thai. The food was really good. But the prices were high for the portion sizes. The kids meal was great though. Clarissa actually ate the fried rice (rice with scrambled egg and no sauce), French fries, and jello. I got the pineapple fried rice and Tim ordered red Curry.

We headed back to the hotel to change clothes and recharge the transportation card before catching the bus to Okinawa World (you can take 54 or 83).

Our first stop was the Habu Museum. Habu is a species of snake indigenous to Okinawa. There was a lizard that you could pet on the way in, several exhibits of snakes, and some crabs and other amphibians in small tanks.

We saw the indoor part of the museum in about 15 minutes and then headed to the live show. They offered headsets for translation but we declined thinking we would just be able to watch. It was a lot of talking so if I went again, I would take the headset.

There was a race between the mongoose and the snake. Spoiler alert. Mongoose won. Then we headed outside to see turtles, big snakes, and some bats.

Then we went to the Eisa Plaza to see the show there. I read about a dance show but it was really a drama that ended with drums. The drum part was really cool but it was loud so it scared Clarissa a little. They had big signs for no pictures so I didn’t take any.

Then, Clarissa and I headed to the cave. I have never been inside a cave before so I thought it was cool. Clarissa had a ton of questions. Looks like we need to find library books about caves next week!

The path was not at all strenuous and was about a half mile. The funniest part was Clarissa. There were some parts with a low ceiling. I never had a problem but some of my taller friends would. When we got to those parts Clarissa would say, “Mommy, you’re getting tall!”

It wasn’t really stroller friendly, but they tell you about the 130 total steps before you start. Tim grabbed some food and the stroller and met us at the cave exit. During his meal, they actually gave him some of the Habu sake that they brew there. He thought it tasted fine.

After the cave, we headed to the traditional village area. There was a small garden for growing tropical fruit. The village itself was very small and commercial, full of shopping and traditional crafts you could make.

My favorite part was dressing up in a kimono. I have wanted to do this each trip to Japan and have never gotten around to it. This time, I had to do it when I saw it. It cost 500 yen ($5) to dress up and have your pictures taken. They took 3 pictures on their camera and 3 with my phone.

After this experience, Okinawa World was closing. We ended up taking a taxi home because the next bus wasn’t scheduled to arrive for 45 minutes and it started raining. Plus it was now 6pm and we needed dinner. Our taxi driver was very kind.

We headed back to Kokusai Street for dinner and ate at Hokkaido. The food was wonderful. There was a seat fee of 300 yen per person, but it was so worth it. They kept bringing out appetizers. Our main dishes were also delicious.