Well into Toddler Life


Some things about the past year have really dragged on. It seems like we’ve been doing the coronavirus lock down thing forever. But then I look at Tiffany and am so excited about all the ways she has grown and changed this past year. At 18 months, she has lived 2/3 of her life during the pandemic. But she is blissfully unaware, unless she is laughing at Mommy wearing her face mask.

My Tiffy girl is so fun. Even her big sister agrees now that she is walking and talking. They have already started ganging up on me and have no plans of stopping in the near future. But they love each other so much, so I will take it!

At 31.75 inches and 22.69 pounds, Tiffany hovers around the 50th percentile for both height and weight. That’s about where Clarissa was too at 18 months. It will be interesting to see if they grow up to be the same height. I always assumed that Tiffany would be taller because she had been so much bigger until now.

Tiffany still loves shoes of all shapes and sizes. They do not even have to match! She wore five different pairs of shoes before naptime today. I don’t remember that with Clarissa, but I don’t think that she had as many hand me downs to choose from.

When I am trying to wind her down for bed, we have to read the same book multiple times. Then, she throws several books and stuffed animals in her crib (Clarissa did this too). Sometimes in the morning, Tiffany will cry for me to come in and then when I get there, she just starts reading to herself and doesn’t want me to pick her up.

Tiffany likes long hugs. Often they are used as a stalling tactic before naptime, bedtime, or when someone is trying to leave the house. She will wave and say “Bye!”

She is not thrilled about brushing her teeth these days. When she gets mad, she stops what she is doing and lays on her back. It’s not always a noisy thing and it’s cute so it’s hard not to laugh.

She has become a picky eater like her sister, but definitely tells me when she’s hungry. She pulls my shirt down if she wants to nurse, tries to open the refrigerator if she wants soymilk, and pulls things out of the pantry if she wants a snack.

Tiffany doesn’t walk many places these days. She runs. She jumps. She climbs. She loves to dance. Any time there is music, she stops what she’s doing to dance. And she’s really happy about it. She is learning to be more gentle with Mittens too, which is great for everyone. 

Tiffany is generally pretty chatty. She parrots most things that we say. But she starts her own little conversations too.

Some common Tiffany sayings :

She puts all kinds of things to her ear like a phone and says “a yo”
Side (outside)
Sis sa (sister or maybe Clarissa?)
Night (goodnight)
Es /yes
Yight (light)
Puppy (pretty much any animal)
Most animals growl at this point, and she does too sometimes if she’s mad
Buh fly (butterfly)
Uh what

hane (hand)
Uh oh
Num (yum)

Language Explosion



We moved to South Korea the week after Clarissa turned eighteen months. Since we arrived, it feels like her vocabulary has exploded! When we got here, she said like ten words on a regular basis. Almost two months later, she talks all day long.

When we first got to Korea, it seemed like she was saying “baby” a lot. It took me about it day to realize that she was actually saying “beep beep” for car.

Before we moved, dog was “pup.” Once we got here it was “puppy.” Then, every animal she saw was “puppy.” Although she was most excited about dogs. All of the animals said “moo” except bears and tigers. They growled. Now she knows puppy, kitty, bear, deer, hippo, birdie, duck, fishy, shark, sheep, buzz (bee), pin (penguin), and bunny. A lot of animals still say “moo.”

She used to make a chomping sound or lift up my shirt if she was hungry. Now she will say “eat” or “nurse.” She also asks for certain foods by name. There is a brand of applesauce pouch that has a picture of an apple with a face. She calls it “bob” because it looks like Bob from Veggie Tales. This week I gave her goldfish crackers for the first time. She has asked for “fishy” three times per day. She will also ask for cookies, bread, bananas, rice, and cheese. When she asks for her water bottle it sounds more like “bowl.”

We take a lot of public transportation so she says bus and “choo choo way” (train). She usually sticks with “beep beep” for car but will occasionally say “tar.” She also knows boat.

About two weeks ago, Clarissa started adding vowels to the end of words. First she added “uh” because a lot of Korean words end in “a” (kamsahamnida, shilehamnida, yugamimnida). She would say mommya, daddya, puppya. Then she started adding “o” (like anyonghaseyo). Now she says mommyo, daddyo, puppyo.

She also says:
Seep (sleep)
Hold you (for hold me)
Peas (please)
Help me
Moy (more)
Gas (eye glasses)
But (button or belly button)
Pay (play)
Side (slide)