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Amazon makes it so easy to publish things.

When I was the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at my church I wasn’t thrilled with the curriculum options available to me. Several were fine but didn’t really fit where I felt like God wanted me to go with my kids. So I spent 2012 writing the curriculum that we used each week. My friends encouraged me to publish and I did. But, I find that at this point, I am paying more in taxes than I am earning in royalties. I decided to take everything off of Amazon and make it a free download on the blog.

You can find the links to all of my Curriculum resources here:

14 Things Kids Should Know About Jesus

Download Jesus curriculum

Download jesus-devotional

Acts of the Holy Spirit: Using the Book of Acts to Talk About Spiritual Gifts

Download Holy Spirit curriculum

Armor isn’t Just for Grown Ups!

Download Armor curriculum

Download Armor devotional

What the Book of Daniel Can Teach Kids About Character

Download Daniel curriculum


We also lived in South Korea for four years and three months from 2015-2019. I wrote a book to help families who were moving to South Korea to work on military bases. It’s called Say Kimchi: Tips and Tricks for Living in South Korea.

Download Say Kimchi Tips and Tricks for living in South Korea


Once upon a time, I also compiled recipes from the blog and put them together in one document. But I do need to go through and update this so that it’s just my favorites. Some of the newer recipes aren’t in this document.

Download Gluten Free Recipes