Clarissa’s first girls weekend 


Recently a friend of mine was telling me about an appointment that she had in Seoul.  She would have to stay in a hotel overnight and her husband would not be able to go with her.  I thought it might be fun to have a girls trip.  So I invited myself and Clarissa to go with her.

We had to reschedule because William got sick.  But it worked out better because we added a day to the trip and ended up being there for the Thanksgiving price instead of normal price. Score.

We left a little later than expected Thursday.  But traffic wasn’t bad until we got to Seoul. The kids had so many snacks on the way that I was surprised that they were hungry when we got to Dragon Hill Lodge. We unpacked a little and then headed to Itaewon for dinner.

We ate at Vatos Tacos. The server asked if we wanted high chairs and I initially said no. But the chairs were bar stools, so we ended up needing them anyway. They brought out five massive hard tortillas and some salsa. Clarissa said she wanted chips, so I thought she would be happy with that. But she was hungry so we ordered french fries. William had a quesadilla, but they browned the top and Clarissa thought it was pizza, so she helped herself to that as well. I had the chimmichurro chicken tacos. It wasn’t listed as spicy, but I thought it was. I prefer hard tacos, so it wasn’t my favorite meal.

Then, we jumped on the subway to Insadong. Insadong is fun because once you round the corner and turn right, you get to a long line of carts selling artsy and Korean things. So it was a great place to find Christmas presents. Clarissa also found an apron she “needed” for making cookies.

I thought there was an ice cream shop on the way back to the subway. But I was wrong. So William got a donut at Dunkin Donuts and Clarissa was still adamant that she wanted ice cream. We headed back to Itaweon for Baskin Robins. On the way back to base, April stopped at Lush. They have some really cool bath things in there. She bought playdoh bath soap for the kids.

Friday morning was her appointment. We had breakfast at the buffet downstairs, which was excellent. It was only $10.95 for adults and the kids were free. I had never eaten at Greenstreet for breakfast, so I as plesantly surprised.

The kids and I headed to the playground while April went to her appointment. They had a great time. There are two playgrounds at the hotel. One is supposed to be for toddlers and the other for big kids. They ended up using both. I didn’t know that the dinosaurs could move. But during the course of our visit, they were hungry, ate grass, and moved to the little house so they could eat lunch at the table.

After a quick snack from the Shopette, we headed to Children’s Grand Park. Clarissa was very excited to see a “real” Tayo bus. We got to climb into and “drive” Gani and Lani. I may or may not have been more excited than she was to drive the bus…

Children’s Grand Park is huge! We passed a playground on the way to the zoo but convinced the kids that it would have to wait. The zoo was pretty good once you get over the size of the cages. I have never seen as many species of cat in one zoo in my life. They seriously had ten different cages for cats. The poor elephant lives by himself. But there are plenty of monkeys. The kids loved it. They even fed the deer. 

We wanted to go to the children’s museum next but it was already 4:00 and they close at 5 on the other side of the park. So we walked by Snow White’s Castle. It was a restaurant. We didn’t eat there because we heard “Let it go” while we were still outside and Clarissa had to dance.

Clarissa and William really wanted pizza and ice cream for dinner so we decided to leave then and go back to Itaewon to beat the dinner rush. We had to walk by that playground on the way out and ended up staying for another hour. The kids loved the playground but I really don’t recommend it for preschoolers. It would be great for elementary aged kids though. And it was an accessible playground so you could go up the play structure in a wheelchair, they had special swings, etc. At one point, Clarissa and William left the playground (we followed them) to wander around the park themselves. Clarissa kept telling me that she wanted to be “alone with William.”

They both fell asleep on the subway back to Itaewon. April and I were pretty excited about this so that we could have a quiet dinner. But then we realized that all of the restaurants were on the second or third floor and required stairs while the kids were asleep in the strollers. Plus it was raining. We just decided to go back to Dragon Hill for dinner.

Clarissa woke up during the walk and remembered the promise of pizza and ice cream.  We ended up at Pizza Hut for dinner. By the time our pizza was ready, she decided that she just wanted ice cream but I told her she had to have at least one slice of pizza first. She remembers everything. So after her first slice of pizza she decided that she was ready for her ice cream, which she only ate half of.

Back in the room, I brought purple nail polish for Clarissa’s first girls weekend. I thought it would be fun to introduce her to something girly. She sat kind of patiently while I painted both of her hands. Then when she realized that she needed to be still even longer for her nails to dry, she demanded that I take the nail polish off. It was pretty for two minutes anyway. William woke up during the nail polish so they got to play a little while before bed.

On Saturday, the kids slept way later than I expected them to. But April and I really enjoyed sitting in bed chatting. We drove to Osan for lunch. I wanted to introduce her to Sawatdee, but there was construction and it had moved. It took a while to find it, but this guy passing out flyers for his Indian restaurant helped us find it. Clarissa and William enjoyed the fish tank. William loved the spring rolls. Clarissa was all about the rice. April and I enjoyed our yummy Thai dishes as well.

We then headed to the PX for some shopping. I found the baby gloves that I like for Clarissa and she insisted on a pink pair of mittens. April and I both found several clothing items we liked. Clarissa and William stayed in the cart together and did various things like hang shirts off the side for “Christmas” and “shoot the lights” with their clothes hangers. When April tried on her boots, Clarissa wanted to get out of the cart. She kept trying on adult boots and saying “I’m a cowboy.”

After our shopping adventure, they had earned a trip to the playplace. And we of course got ice cream before we headed home. Both kids fell asleep rather quickly on the car ride home so April and I enjoyed some girl time on the way back where there was random heavy traffic. Who knew Dajeon was popular at 8pm on a Saturday night?

Disney Sea and Dinosaurs 


We thought Thursday would be the least crowded day to head to Disney Sea.  So we took two different trains to the resort.  Then,  there is a special Disney train that takes you the rest of the way (you do have to pay,  but it’s only 260 yen and you can even use your subway card).

We stayed up late Wednesday so we slept in on Thursday and didn’t arrive until lunchtime.  We ate in Mediterranean Harbor.  We ordered the tomato and mozzarella pizza for Clarissa,  chicken and olive pizza for me,  and Tim ordered both kinds of pasta.  I should not have ordered anything for Clarissa.  Though delicious,  she refused to try her pizza.  Three year olds… Also I was pleasantly surprised by the prices of the park food.  Everything was reasonably priced and tasted great.

Over lunch,  we planned our route. Clarissa did not seem cooperative but we decided to start walking and figured she would get excited as we passed things.

She did like the Ariel things in Mermaids Lagoon.  Not enough to ride anything.  But she did enjoy looking at the different rides and statues.


In Arabia,  there was a camel statue that you could sit on to take pictures.  She wanted to do that.  But when you sit on the camel,  apparently it makes noises so she got scared.

Then we tried Sinbad’s Storybook ride.  It was pretty cool.  You ride a boat and go through some of the stories from the Arabian Nights.  Clarissa covered her eyes for the giant.  Tim was holding her and said she was shaking.  But at the end,  she said it was awesome and wanted to go on more rides.

In the Lost Delta,  there was a place to meet characters.  Clarissa wanted to meet Minnie Mouse.  The sign said it would take 40 minutes.  After we had been there a few minutes,  a cast member came by and changed the sign to 50 minutes.  Need to say,  we were all ready to meet Minnie.  They let you take one photo with your camera or you can buy their pictures.  Minnie hugged and kissed all three of us at the beginning and end.  Clarissa was thrilled.  I took a picture of it at the end and they scolded me because I already had my one picture,  even though it was the staged family picture and not the Minnie mouse is kissing my three year old picture.

After meeting Minnie,  we were on a mission to find Nemo.  We actually found Dory and Hank.  But the Nemo ride isn’t finished yet so we never found Nemo. There was a ride with Crush.  But the kind lady who worked there said it was just talking and all in Japanese so we didn’t bother.

We did however,  find Woody.  But the line for his ride was two hours.  So we just hung out in Toyville and looked at the character toys and statues.  Clarissa took pictures on both Bullseye and Ham.  Apparently,  we cut the line,  but I really didn’t notice there was one.  Oops.

On the way to dinner,  we passed by a show. The speaking was in Japanese so we kept walking.  But the songs were in English and Clarissa liked the costumes so Clarissa wanted to watch it.  We ended up finding a spot and watching the rest of it.

We at dinner in the Cape Cod Cook Off.  We tried their Halloween season special burger which was beef with pumpkin and bacon.  It was actually very good.

We weren’t thrilled with the souvioneers in the shops.  Clarissa was devastated that at the end of the day,  we had still not found Nemo.  But Tim saw Nemo toys at the toy store in Akihabara the night before so he thought we should take her there.  Day made.

She picked out a baby Dory toy.  We also found a used bookstore with an English section.  I didn’t find anything for me,  but Clarissa got three books.

All things considered,  it was a great day.  Tim would like to take Clarissa back to Disney Sea next spring when the Nemo ride opens. The Studio Ghibli museum tickets were sold out for our trip again this time so we may need to do a weekend in Tokyo next year for those two things.

We noticed that Disney Sea was geared towards older kids. Clarissa was afraid of some things.  Next year she may enjoy it more.  But the teens and adults love it.

Friday,  we headed to Ueno for the National Museum of Nature and Science.  There were six floors of exhibits.  Clarissa especially liked the animals and the dinosaur bones.  Those were all labeled in both English and Japanese.

Some of the other floors had interesting interactive exhibits.  Tim’s favorite was a heat sensor. We all had fun playing with that one.

There were video screens you could press for information in English.  The teaching videos were all in Japanese though.

I think most families would enjoy the museum.  The price is very reasonable.  620 yen for adults.  Everyone else is free.  The special exhibit was an additional 980 for adults and 600 for children so we skipped it.

After the museum,  we headed down the road to the Toshogu Shrine.  The rain was starting to pick up so we put on our raincoats.  I am glad we did because after I took the first picture,  it started pouring.

This shrine is the oldest in Tokyo,  built before the Edo period.  The architecture and design reminds me very much of the two castles we visited earlier this week,  especially Nijo jo in Kyoto.

There was one more electronics shop to check out in Shibuya.  Tim was unsuccessful in that area.  But his feet have been bothering him since the monkey park,  so when we passed an Adidas store,  we decided it was time for new sneakers.  Problem solved.

The best English bookstore is in Shinjuku,  so we decided to head there.  Kinokuniya actually had a great selection.  They had mostly hardback books so they were a little expensive.  Their kid’s section was awesome.

After our day of shopping and exploring,  we realized that we never ate lunch.  So we decided to splurge on Outback for dinner.  My steak was great.  Tim had some pasta.

Kyoto Day 2


We decided to walk to the Kyoto Railway Museum this morning.  It was supposed to rain but we planned to arrive before the rain started.  We succeeded.

There were several school groups there this morning,  but we really enjoyed it.  There were several different trains to look at and explore.  The museum also had several hands on exhibits with buttons and levers.  Clarissa was able to pretend to drive several different trains.

Clarissa lasted longer than Tim though.  I think it is a great choice for families with young children.  Teenagers might get bored quickly.  The price was great.  Adults pay 1200 yen (about $12). Clarissa is 3 so we had to pay for her as well,  but only 200 yen ($2).

There were 3 floors of exhibits in the main building,  two sections of trains outside,  and two additional smaller buildings.  I enjoyed the ability to go under a train to see what the motor and suspension looks like from below.

The third floor had a great view of the shinkansen train (bullet train)  if you paid attention to the schedule when they were to pass by.

The second floor also had a play area for kids to build train tracks on their own with several small trains as well. There was also a model train set up  for kids to crawl under so that they were eye level with the trains.

We thought about visiting the Kyoto Aquarium as well since it was right next to the railway museum.  But it didn’t get great reviews and was expensive for the size.  It was 2000 yen ($20) for adults.  So we decided to skip it.

We walked to the mall for lunch and then headed across the street to the train station.  We wanted to see Nijo jo (castle).  Honestly,  we were not impressed.  The Osaka castle was more ornate and easier to get to.  Nijo jo was a much larger complex and right off the subway.  However,  it was gravel everywhere which was hard to navigate with a stroller.  Parts also had large steps without ramps so we would take turns going up to take pictures.

We were all tired and cranky and it was starting to rain,  so we decided to head back early.  This time,  we got off at a different train station because Tim wanted to see what we could find on the way back to the hotel.

We had a very relaxing afternoon in the room.  I was able to finish reading my Kindle book so I need to work on a review for that because it was a very encouraging read for me.

We decided to take it easy and eat dinner across the street at Royal Host.  We got Clarissa in to bed pretty close to the normal time this morning.  But I will say that a two year old on vacation was way easier than a three year old on vacation…

Tomorrow we head up to Tokyo by Shinkansen (bullet train).

Just monkeyin’ around in Kyoto 


It always takes me a few days to get into a groove with the conversion rate.  In Korea,  7,000 won is about $7.  But 7,000 yen is about $70! But three days in,  I have a better idea of what I am actually paying.

We woke up at a better time today which meant we had a better schedule.  Our first destination was Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama.  We had to take three different trains to get there, but it was so worth it! The third train was a single electronic trolley car that went through the countryside. It reminded me of a Studio Ghibli movie.

We arrived at Arashiyama and walked down a street of cute little shops that I decided I needed to check out on the way back.  There was a great pedestrian bridge that led to a mountain and I was thrilled.  This was the side of Japan I had been dying to see last Christmas.  Traditional houses,  boats, countryside.

We followed the signs to the monkey park where it said to park bikes and strollers.  Then we walked up some steps to a shrine and were a little confused. The entrance to the monkey park was off to the left.  Adults pay 1,100 yen (like $11) but 3 year olds and under are free.

The sign said it was a twenty minutes hike to the monkey park.  It was mostly uphill and some of the path was paved.  It wasn’t dangerous,  but Clarissa definitely didn’t walk the entire trail.  I was impressed though because she walked at least half of it.  On this hike,  we decided that we do need to bite the bullet and buy an ergo or something because I know I want to do the Great Wall of China next year and we can’t bring a stroller there either.  It would have made the trip easier to wear Clarissa on my back.

But it was so worth it when we got to the top!  There were a few monkeys hanging out.  Then we went inside a cabin that has cages on the windows. You can pay 100 yen (about $1)  for a small bag of peanuts,  apples,  or bananas to feed the monkeys.

Clarissa had a great time!  We ended up doing all three different foods.  Clarissa was able to feed 4 different monkeys,  including a baby monkey.

Since it is on top of  a mountain,  you can look out and see most of Kyoto from up there.


I pretty much carried Clarissa the whole way down the mountain.  We ran into a few families with small children and I kept encouraging the moms that it was worth it to go all the way up there.

After our hike,  we went back in to town for some shopping.  I found some fun placemats with a cat that looks like Mittens.  We had awesome sushi for lunch.  We had ice cream too.  Clarissa and I chose vanilla,  but Tim went with green tea.

We took a few trains to Yassaka Jinja Shrine.  Along the street, we bought a small geisha doll for Clarissa and a magnet for me.  We also found Kanji (Japanese)  signature stamps for all three of our names.

The shrine was clean and not super crowded but not spectacular. It was also not very stroller friendly.  There were several sets of steps and no ramps.

Tim was more excited to visit the Fushimi Inari Shrine because of the many gates it has.  This shrine was massive and has gates that go all the way up the mountain.  It had a few ramps for the bottom buildings but there was not a place to park the stroller to go up the mountain to see all of the gates.  Clarissa loved the wolf statues though.

It was supposed to rain so we headed to the new Aeon mall which is right across from Kyoto station.  We ate yummy Indian curry and Naan for dinner. Then Clarissa and I went to check out the Steam Locomotive Cafe which had Thomas and some other Japanese model trains set up.  They sold drinks and hamburgers as well as train merchandise. Tim visited a few electronics stores but wasn’t impressed.

Tonight was the first time we made it back early enough to catch the hotel shuttle home.  It was packed!  But it is nice to have Clarissa in bed before 10 for a change.  I think we will have a more cooperative girl tomorrow.  Hopefully the weather man is wrong and it won’t rain the entire day.

Our day in Osaka 


We slept later than I thought we would this morning.  Tim’s normal weekend alarm went off at 9 AM to wake us all up.

It took a few extra minutes in the morning at the train station because I needed another pass.  But the rapid train to Osaka only took about 30 minutes.

Our first attraction was Osaka jo (Osaka castle).  When we arrived near the park,  it was packed.  There were long lines for something (we eventually figured out they were all there to see Nissy,  a Japanese pop star).  We decided to have a quick sit down lunch.  We ordered from a kiosk and it was very good.

Then,  we headed to the Castle.  The outside was quite ornate.  There was a mote around it and a park with beautiful trees.  We started later than we wanted to today so we gave Clarissa the choice of going inside the castle,  or going to the aquarium later.  She chose the aquarium.  There were plenty of steps,  so getting inside with the stroller wasn’t going to be easy anyway.  (You do have to pay to go inside the castle.)

Our next stop was Den Den town,  an electronics area.  Tim had a list of places he wanted to check out.  He did find something on his wishlist,  a psp go.  They have been discontinued so they are harder to find.  Clarissa found a Japanese fish toy she really likes.  I was excited about the prospect of retro toy stores.  But they were Japanese toys and not the 80s toys I remember.

We had some Burger King for dinner and then headed out to Osaka Aquarium. (Adults pay 2,300 yen which is about $23, 3 year olds and under get in free.)  The aquarium was really nice.

Clarissa especially loved the Finding Dory area.

There was even a fish tank with the same fish as the dentist office in the first movie.

The best part of the aquarium was the touch tank.  I got to touch sting rays and sharks!  Clarissa touched the shark but was afraid of the sting ray because they were so big.  I was surprised because the rays were very smooth,  but the shark felt quite rough.

After the aquarium,  Clarissa lost it because she wanted to “keep touching things”  and didn’t want the shark to miss her.  She was upset until we passed a soft serve ice cream shop on the way back to the subway.  Tim thought it was the best soft serve he had ever tasted. Clarissa and  I enjoyed it as well.

It was another late night of missing the shuttle.  But we decided to walk back today since we knew where to go.

Learning curve on our travel day 


When we were looking at flights from Busan to Osaka,  the price was great but there weren’t a ton of time options.  We basically had to choose between 8 AM or 5 PM.  The airport is a 90 minute drive,  so we chose the 5 PM flight. 

A friend drove us to the bus station about noon.  We went to buy tickets for the next bus to Gimhae airport.  It was leaving in 2 minutes.  But we made it. 

The bus wasn’t even halfway full,  so Clarissa and I moved to a different row so that she didn’t have to sit in my lap the entire bus ride. 

She did very well on the bus. She played with her tablet and looked out the window.  I was actually able to read a book on my Kindle that I started on our trip to Suwon in May.  

We arrived to the airport about 2 PM.  We checked in for our flight and then went upstairs to have some bibimbap for lunch.  After lunch,  we headed to security. 

Before you get to immigration,  there is a really cute character statue.  Clarissa loved it so we decided to take her picture with it.  About 10 feet after the statue,  there are signs that say no photography.  But we didn’t notice those until security yelled at us,  confiscated Tim’s phone,  and deleted said picture.  Oops. (He did get his phone back) 

We had Dunkin Donuts while we waited for our flight.  Clarissa started to get antsy so we walked the length of the terminal,  stopping to look at every plane or bus out the window. 

The actual flight was uneventful.  They fed us a sandwich for dinner which was unexpected since the flight is only about an hour. 

Clarissa dropped her new Nemo cup on the way to customs and it broke.  I tried to ask the immigration guy about a trash can and showed him the cup that was leaking orange juice.  But I don’t think he understood me because he handed me a roll of toilet paper. 

We eventually found a trash can after we retrieved our bags,  went through customs,  and exchanged our money.  At this point it was about 7 PM so we grabbed subway (and French fries for Clarissa)  for the train ride to the hotel.  Clarissa finished her French fries long before Tim came back with our train tickets.  We decided on the 2 day Kansai thru pass since we will heads back to Osaka tomorrow. 

We then boarded an express train Kyoto.  It takes a little over an hour.  The Shinkansen office was still open so we bought our tickets to Tokyo for Wednesday. 

Then we headed outside.  Our hotel has a shuttle that goes to Kyoto station.  But the website wasn’t specific about where exactly it was.  So in our search, we got to see the Kyoto Tower.  

The fountain also had a light show with music playing.  Clarissa loved it! 

We couldn’t figure out where the shuttle bus would be so we looked at a big map on the wall of a building.  A kind Japanese girl called the hotel and found out that the last shuttle bus was already back at the hotel. 

So about 10 PM,  we took a taxi to the hotel.  The driver was nice.  The suitcases fit in the trunk but the stroller had to sit up front near the driver.  

The hotel is really nice.  When we got to our room,  I realized that I lost my 2 day train ticket.  It was in my pocket,  which wasn’t a problem until I took a picture of Kyoto tower and put my phone in my pocket.  It probably fell out when I took my phone back out of my pocket.  Hopefully someone finds it so they can ride the train for free tomorrow! 

Clarissa didn’t get to bed until 11:30, so it will be interesting to see if she still wakes up early tomorrow.  I don’t want to sleep too late though,  or we won’t have enough time for everything on our list for Osaka. 

…And we’re back


When we were with Tim’s friend on Saturday, we aquired subway cards that are similar to our Daegu Toppass in that they can do any train or bus and you can recharge them easily in a subway station. The difference is that in Daegu, there is a flat rate to ride a train or bus and in in Tokyo, you pay based on how far you travel.

With our new pasmo passes, we decided that we would be adventurous and check out some different train lines and go out of the city a little bit.

We only went one town over to Mitaka, but still. We took the JR Yamonote line to the JR chuo line to the metro Marunochi line. Then, we got off at the train and took a bus to the Tokyo Edo Open Air Museum.

We had to walk through a park to get there. It was a nice park with trees and grass and families playing. There was even a big train. It was behind a fence though, so Clarissa was disappointed that she couldn’t get super close to it.

2015-12-27 11.34.37

I was really excited to see what the houses and buildings looked like in Japan in the past. Unfortunately, when we got there, it was closed. We planned the trip to go home on December 28 because we read that a lot of things close for New Years the last 2-3 days of the year. Apparently, this museum closed on December 26. Oops.

2015-12-27 11.34.25

All was not lost though. We walked back to the train station instead of taking the bus so that we could see what a normal (not in the big city) neighborhood would look like in Japan. There were houses and duplexes. A few villas, but not tall apartment buildings like in the big city. We did see a shrine on the way. I think most neighborhoods have their own shrine.

2015-12-27 11.52.49

Also, I thought it was funny that they had 7-11 in Japan, but most of them had this sign…

2015-12-27 11.53.02

We took the train back to Nakano, which is supposed to be the most crowded neighborhood in Tokyo. Tim’s friend told us about a shopping area there that Tim should check out for video game, anime, and gundam model stuff. So we headed to Nakano Broadway, as it was on the same train line.


We were hungry so we went to Lotteria for lunch. They have them in Korea too, but the sandwich choices were way different. I got a teryaki burger with egg and Tim got the Kobe burger. Clarissa, of course, ate french fries. We ended up sitting next to a mom and her little girl. Clarissa made a new friend. They had a great time playing together, even though they didn’t speak English and we don’t speak Japanese. The little girl was three.

Then we headed to Mandrake. There were several different stores in the four story shopping mall. Tim found a Gundam model he has been looking for for a long time. Clarissa found a Ponyo doll. We also bought a Totoro puzzle to do together. It was a very successful trip.

We thought we would head back to Shibuya for dinner. We went to Shibuya Hikarie becasue it is supposed to have several shops and places to eat. It did. But most were overpriced. We decided on a Chinese restaraunt, but the service was terrible, and they wouldn’t let us order a bowl of rice for Clarissa. So we left. The trip wasn’t a total waste though because the views from the 11th floor were pretty cool.







We went back to Shinagawa and ended up at Royal Host. It was actually a nice little restaraunt. They had a special menu for kids and brought Clarissa a bib with a bee that she actually wanted to wear. Tim ordered pancakes, french toast, and sausage. I ordered a steak burger with fries. Clarissa wanted fries, but surprised me and actually ate some of my burger after she finished her fries.



The cool thing about the pasmo card is that you can return it and get a refund of the cost of the card (500 yen, about $5) and whatever amount you have left on the card. So we returned our cards on our walk back to the hotel.

We headed home on Monday. We took the airport limosine bus back to the airport and were pleasantly surprised that there was a special line for families. Most people had to wait in a long line, but we only had to wait about five minutes before it was our turn.


They also asked us if we wanted to use their stroller while we were in the airport. The check-in girl was confused because we were headed back to Busan on our American passport. She wasn’t familiar with the special visa that we have. Tim had been warned to bring his letter of employment, and that was exactly what we needed to get through.

The flight went well. Clarissa enjoyed watching part of the Minions movie as well as some Mickey Mouse. They let her pick out a present again. This time she chose an airplane.


The food was great, yet again. Japan Airlines really feeds you well.



The flight attendants were very nice and even walked by to tell us we could see Mt Fuji out the airplane window. Tim got a couple of really cool shots.



We got through immigration in Busan without a problem. We were able to catch the next bus back to Daegu. That was totally a God thing because we only had to wait 20 minutes and ended up with the last two seats on the bus.