Armor Isn’t Just for Grown Ups!


This was another curriculum that I wrote for our Children’s Ministry. We were learning about the Full Armor of God. We used this playset┬áthe church had from a long time ago. I think it would be helpful to have either armor or a picture of armor as a visual for your lessons.

Each lesson also includes a memory verse, follow up activity, discussion questions, and prayer.

The family devotional version has the same lesson and also includes a memory verse, questions, and prayer.

Amazon has a feature now where I can self publish a print book, so these are both available on kindle and in paperback.

14 Things Kids Should Know About Jesus


This was the first curriculum that I wrote for our Children’s Ministry. We started it the week after Christmas and finished it on Easter Sunday. I wanted the children to really learn about Jesus. Not just the stories about Him, but about His character. This curriculum studies Jesus as someone who was fully God and fully man, has friends, is humble, loves people, is obedient, humble, prays, heals, provides, cares about people, teaches, does the right thing, never gives up, brings glory to God, and saves.

Each lesson has a lesson, memory verse, follow up questions, additional follow up activity, and prayer.

I also used this curriculum to make a family devotional. Each lesson is the same and includes a memory verse, follow up questions, and prayer.

Welcome to My Kindle Books!


I have always enjoyed writing. I started writing poetry in fourth grade. I have a story that I wrote in sixth grade that I saved so that I could make it into a novel and publish someday. I was even the editor of my high school newspaper.

When I worked as the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at my church, I didn’t feel like the curriculum available fit what our kids needed. So I prayed about it and God gave me a plan for a year. I worked there for about a year and a half and wrote most of the curriculum that we used for Sunday School. After I was laid off from that job, God told me to publish my writing. I assumed that it was so that we could use that income to support our growing family. But I’ve only sold a few books in the past year. God told me the purpose of these writings was to bless other families.

So far, I have only published things I wrote while at the church. If there are two versions of the book there is a curriculum and a family devotional. The lesson is the same in both versions. The curriculum has more follow up activities. Use whatever is a better fit for your family.