Toddler Tiffy


I know from my experience with Clarissa that babies change so fast. I wanted to write about Tiffany as an early toddler so that I don’t forget all of the fun and silly things that she does before she changes again.

At 15 months, Tiffany is still bigger than Clarissa was, but has definitely slowed down in her growth. She is 31 inches tall (67th percentile) and 22.3 pounds (68th percentile). A year ago she was still off the charts. As the doctor says, “eventually your genetics take over!”

Tiffany has 7 regular teeth and two molars. She still enjoys food but is becoming more picky. I think her food list is still longer than Clarissa’s but won’t eat everything off my plate anymore. She can feed herself with a spoon so meals are quite messy and often require a wardrobe change after yogurt. I have also found yogurt in her ears! She is still nursing at least three times per day but will drink soymilk with her meals. When she wants to nurse, she comes up to me and tries to pull my shirt down. In her bedroom, she will also hand me my phone… She has also been known to crawl to the pantry, open the door, and pull out boxes or bags when she is hungry.

Tiffany has a few favorite things. She would love to enter Clarissa’s room every chance she gets but she is “banned.” Sometimes she sneaks in because Clarissa has a stool that Tiffany loves. Sometimes we have to take the stool out of Clarissa’s room so that Tiffany can sit there. We tried to get a second one, but IKEA doesn’t make them anymore.

Tiffany also loves animals. She will point to an animal in a book or on the TV and either get really excited and high pitched while she points or growls. Mittens usually requires a high pitch sound and she is learning to be more gentle with Mittens. Thankfully, Mittens has proven to be very patient with her. Tiffany is not allowed to touch Clarissa’s stuffed animals, so she has aquired several of her own that she doesn’t want Clarissa to touch. New to the line up are animals that make noise, which is very exciting to her.

Tiffany is very excited about the Christmas Tree. She regularly pulls ornaments off. She also likes to rip the wrapping paper off the presents. Next year Mommy won’t wrap things so early…Clarissa doesn’t mind this practice though and often makes sure that the presents Tiffany is ripping belong to her because Clarissa “hates surprises.”

Tiffany will still fake cough to get our attention. But she also will say “mum mum mum.” Other words in the line up include: baby, up, s (or yes), hey, and buh bye. She still shakes her head for no. Now she also waves for goodbye and reaches for you when she wants to be picked up or taken out of the high chair or crib. She is also good at hugging. She will reach for someone and then hold on tight so they won’t let go until she is ready. She sometimes strokes your back or hair while she does this.

I really thought Tiffany would be walking by now. I think she can. She can walk around the room if she holds on to the wall or couch and she can stand in the middle of the room and hold something for like a minute. But she usually takes 4-5 steps and then decides that it is faster to crawl. She climbs everything including the couches and stairs.

Bathtime is one of her favorite times of the day. I think she will like crafts one day, but for now she still eats the crayons, paper, and paint. Lately Tiffany puts everything to her ear and starts babbling like she is on the phone.

Tiffany is also a bookworm like her big sister. We read a lot. But she has a hard time sharing Mommy. If Clarissa tries to sit with me, Tiffany comes over and either bites her or pulls her hair. We’re working on that…

Tiffany also loves shoes. Every morning, she brings me shoes to put on her feet. She gets upset at naptime when I take them off. A new pair goes on her feet once she wakes up. Sometimes she brings me a different pair and I have to switch them.

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