Our fall vacation


Between COVID and Tim’s job, we really needed a break. We decided on a quick trip to Williamsburg to show Clarissa Jamestown and eat some of the colonial food Tim was looking forward to at Christmas (but the restaurants were full then).

On Sunday, we headed to Virginia Beach to see my family. We had a lovely afternoon with Grammy and Pappy, Amy, Joe, and Alyssa. Then we headed to our hotel.

The Marriott was a new building and very nice. We unpacked some things and set up the room before heading to dinner. We ate at Tulu Seaside Grill on the first floor of our hotel. Tim and I both had the lean burger, which was amazing! It had organic ground beef, bison, and wild boar. The service was great too. I would definitely eat there again. After dinner, we went for a nighttime stroll on the boardwalk. I don’t know if it was because of COVID or the fact that we usually didn’t go at 9pm, but it was very empty. We practically had the boardwalk to ourselves, which made for a very pleasant walk.

Tiffany’s first night in a new bed is usually rough, so Tim and I didn’t get much sleep Sunday night. But we really enjoyed the accommodations. I think we will stay here again during our next visit to Virginia Beach. We had a lazy morning in the hotel, checked out, and headed to Citrus for brunch.

Citrus was wonderful. It was a cute little place and the service was great. The food was delicious and well priced. Clarissa got chocolate chip pancakes and bacon. I had pumpkin pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Tim had French toast, bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for breakfast food in Virginia Beach.

We then headed to Jamestown. I have been several times as a fourth grade teacher and I must say that it is definitely a different experience on your own than with a school group. I remember getting to see more and the exhibits being more interactive. Though maybe that had more to do with COVID than the fact that we were on our own?

Clarissa really enjoyed Jamestown. We started in the museum. We had read a few books about Jamestown prior to to our trip, so it was helpful to reference those. It was interesting to see the exhibits that showed how people lived in Africa, England, and the Native Americans in Virginia in 1600. Then we saw exhibits about life in Jamestown for different groups of people.

Outside we were able to see the replica of Jamestown Fort, the ships that carried the settlers, and the Powhatan village. Clarissa thought it was cool to be able to see the buildings up close and walk through them. It was most interesting to her that so many people slept in one bed and how small the houses were. I was amazed at how many people they fit inside that tiny boat. By the end of our time there Clarissa kept saying things like, “I am so glad we didn’t live back then. Life was so much harder. You had to do a lot of work…”

We went to our new hotel, Homewood Suites. We stayed at one of these for our trip to Boston and so we expected the same room, but they upgraded us. So we had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen instead of a studio.

After we were all settled in, we headed to Baker’s Crust for dinner. The food was great. There was a Trader Joe’s nextdoor so we decided to get some of our favorite pumpkin treats for dessert. Plus we needed to pick up breakfast. In Boston, we had a wonderful breakfast buffet, so that is what we were expecting and actually the reason we chose this particular hotel. But due to COVID, they had a grab and go breakfast of bottled water, a bran muffin, granola bar, and an orange. So we got some yogurt and cereal at Trader Joe’s.

On Tuesday, we had a leisurely breakfast and then headed to Colonial Williamsburg. We went at Christmas but didn’t get to enjoy everything because it was so crowded. We had a much better experience this round.

We still didn’t get to see all of the buildings because you had to wait in line for tours and they would only let 10 people in at a time. With a toddler and a 7 year old, we were not willing to wait an hour for a tour. We did get to see the inside of the courthouse.

We got to see several tradesman. We watched a tinsmith, blacksmith, gunsmith, silversmith, and carpenter. Something I didn’t realize was that the tradesmen were actually working on projects that are needed for Williamsburg and other museums. They are not just pretending to be doing something. So we learned about some of their training and how they made these items during the 18th century.

We went to the magazine to see the cannons and hear about the weapons stored there. It was also interesting to hear the history. If the governor of Virginia had just left the gunpowder where it was, the Virginians might not have started rebelling in 1775. Interesting to think about. We also got to learn about how they made the different guns and what they were used for.

Lunch was at Berrets Seafood and was the first time I remembered to take a picture of the food before we started eating. The food and service were wonderful. I highly recommend it. I had the shepherds pie and Tim had the lunch blue plate special.

We ended the day at Yankee Candle Village. We had never been before but plan to go again. Part of it was set up for Christmas with ornaments to buy and a big Christmas tree. There was even snow every 4 minutes! The girls loved all of the toys, I enjoyed looking at some kitchen items, and there was a man cave section for Tim. They also had fun candy, fudge, popcorn, and ice cream. A little bit of something for everyone. Some of the make your own things were not available though.

The drive home Wednesday was pretty uneventful. We had lunch at Coastal Flats in Tysons Corner since I had to pick up my rings (I had them resized). Tim and I both had the Penne Pasta Primavera and really enjoyed it. They put us in a circle booth without a high chair and Tiffany really enjoyed the freedom of not being contained.

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