A new tradition for January


I am a planner. Drives me crazy. I like to have a plan. Then something changes and I have to change the plan. But the plan is always there.

I have tried long term plans and short term plans. Google calendar and a wall calendar worked for a while. Last year I tried a planner. I tried a few and then had other lists for planning things like my blog or homeschooling.

Right now the bloggers and podcasters are raving about planners and power sheets, goals, and things they will accomplish in 2019. Sounds good for a planner like me, right?

But it’s not. I have no idea what I want 2019 to look like. I have no idea when we are leaving Korea this year, nor do I know where we are moving. This also means that I don’t know if we will live somewhere where I will homeschool or if I need to go back to work.

What I need to do in in 2019 is trust. To trust that God has a plan for our family. That He knows what is best and will direct our steps. I also need to enjoy this season of life. Clarissa will only be 5 once and we will only be in Korea for a few more months. I need to enjoy it now because when we move back to the US, life will be different. It does not mean bad, just different. I don’t want to look back on the end of our time here and regret not being fully present.

So for January (we’ll starting now really), I want to turn off all the voices. I took Facebook and my podcast app off my phone. I want to spend more time with the people in front of my face and take some time to write. And spend some extra time with Jesus.

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