Another day in Tokyo


As we were getting ready to leave for the day on Monday, Clarissa and I decided to hang out on the balcony only to discover that it was raining. We put on our rain jackets, grabbed Clarissa’s new umbrella, and headed down the hill to McDonald’s. Thankfully the rain stopped by the time we finished breakfast.

Our first stop of the day was Tokyo Station for Tokyo Character Street. Clarissa was very excited to find some Yokai medals. We also found some fun things in the Studio Ghibli Store and the Lego Store.

Next we headed to Yurakucho for the Muji Flagship Store. It was three stories and wonderful. It reminded me a little of Bed Bath and Beyond. It would have been more exciting if we lived in Japan because a lot of the cool things were too big for my suitcase. But if you live in Japan, I would definitely visit.

Tim wanted to check BIC Camera since it was across the street. Then we headed to The Little Bird Cafe. Tim was reading about this cute little gluten-free cafe in the suburbs. We found it, went up to the third floor, and discovered that it was closed for the week! Oops. Thankfully across the street from the station was a fun little cafe called Freshness Burger since it was 2pm and we were getting hangry. The food was great. They had several different kinds of burgers, fries, and smoothies reasonably priced. Bring yen because they don’t take credit cards.

We headed back to Shinjuku to visit our favorite bookstore. Kinokuniya has an entire floor of English books. We found several that we liked and bought a few. A lot of books were about double the price that Amazon charges so if we could find it in Amazon cheaper, we put it back. It was helpful to be able to flip through the books since we don’t have many English bookstores with new books at home.

Hungry, we headed to Shibuya for dinner for some yakiniku. We found Han No Daidokoro Kadochika without a problem (right past the Shibuya 109). We read online that if you don’t have a reservation you should come right when they open or it will be too busy. We were there right at 5 and they weren’t quite ready for us. The place was still pretty empty when we left about 615 so that isn’t accurate on a Monday night. There were several different options to choose from. We chose a more expensive option with drinks and plenty of meat. It was delicious! It even came with seaweed and rice for Clarissa.

Satisfied, we headed to the wolf shrine (Miyamasu Mitake) we were looking for the previous day and found it in the middle of a city block, up several steps. Before one of our previous trips, Tim had a dream about the Shibuya wolf and I think this is it.

On our way back, we stumbled upon a Hedgehog Cafe. It was on the second floor, very clean, and the staff was very friendly. We paid for 30 minutes and they assigned us two hedgehogs to pet and feed. We had to wear gloves and were given specific instructions on how to hold the hedgehog. Clarissa loved it! It was about 7 pm so the hedgehogs were sleepy. We were going to leave before our 30 minutes was up, so the staff spent some time teaching us about hedgehogs and letting us hold another. The hedgehogs rotate every other day so they get a break from playing with customers. I think this was one of the highlights of Clarissa’s trip.

The last item on our list was the Haiyo Miazakyi clock in Shimbashi. The GPS was a little off with wifi so we had a hard time finding it. We eventually took a taxi. It looked great. I bet it looks better during the day or during the special times each day that it moves (we missed it by 10 minutes). We discussed taking a Ghibli vacation one day.

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