Tokyo take Three


We have less than a year left in Korea. We were thinking about one more trip for the fall, but since we don’t know when we’re leaving, we decided to go to Tokyo one last time for Tim’s birthday instead.

We planned a morning flight to give us an extra half day in Tokyo. I booked the flight on Orbitz with Asiana which I read great things about. So we arrived at Incheon and waited in line for Asiana only to be told that this flight was actually run by Seoul Air so we had to go check in with them which was a horrible experience. We were beginning to think they weren’t going to let us check in because we didn’t have an army leave form. Tim isn’t in the army…

Anyway, we got through security and immigration and to the other side of the airport just in time to board the plane. By this time we were very hungry. We took the 6am bus and our flight was at 10. Thankfully they served some fruit and a salad to hold us over until we landed in Narita. The seats were very comfortable. There was no in-flight entertainment but it wasn’t an issue because we brought our own electronics anyway. The flight attendants were nice. I don’t think we will fly Air Seoul again though.

We tried something different this time and took the Keisei Skyliner into town instead of the airport limousine bus. It cost more but took half the time, so I think it was worth it. As a side note, the reason that the skyliner worked for us is because Tim could handle the suitcases and I was in charge of Clarissa. If you have several bags or multiple small children, you are probably better off with the airport limousine bus because it is basically door to door service from the airport to your hotel.

The Skyliner ended at Ueno and we needed to switch to the metro to get to Shinagawa. We decided to have Hard Rock Cafe for lunch before heading to the hotel since it was already after 2pm. As usual our food was delicious and Clarissa picked some fun pins for our collection.


After settling in to our favorite hotel, Tim headed to Family Mart to pick up his amazon order. This was something new for us this trip as well. Tim usually has a list of electronics items that he wants to find. This time, he found some on Amazon Japan ahead of time and had them shipped to a convenience store down the street. This eliminated some of the searching since we had a shorter trip this time.

It really can’t be Tim’s birthday trip without visiting Akihabara so we headed to there next. Tim found a few things at BIC Camera and Yodobashi. All of us enjoyed Kotobukiya, with Clarissa and I both finding some treasures. Another fun surprise on the way back to the train was the Square Enix Cafe which had some fun things to see as well.

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