Tuesday at Ocean Park


Tuesday was a really chill day for us. The only thing on our agenda was Ocean Park so we didn’t set an alarm. We woke up, had a lazy morning, went to McDonald’s for breakfast on the way to the subway, and arrived to the park about 11.

They opened at 10 but there weren’t lines for anything. I really liked the set up of the park. It reminds me of Busch Gardens in that there were themed areas. Each area had food, animals, a gift shop, and rides. Because everything was so spread out, the animals all had huge areas, which was great to see.

We started with the aquarium. The thing that I most liked about it was that the viewing started at the floor so Clarissa could see everything. I didn’t have to lift her to see.

Our next stop was Asia to see golden monkeys, pandas, and red pandas.

There was an area for the history of the Goldfish. We also got to see some turtles and watch an otter eat this lunch.

We went to Whisker Harbor for some rides that were Clarissa size. We tried a carousel and a train. Both times we were the only ones on the ride. She also played in a bounce house and on a playground.

By this time it was almost 1 PM and we were getting hungry so we decided to take the cable car to the other side of the park for lunch. We literally had to go over the mountain to get there. But the view along the way was amazing.

After lunch we saw Spurgeon and sharks.

We also saw dolphins, seals, sea lions, walrus, and penguins.

Along the path we would randomly see amazing views.

We saw an arctic fox, cruised the Amazon rainforest, and finally ended with a visit to Australia.

We were at the park for about 6 hours and saw all of the animal exhibits. It was very windy and overcast most of the day so there weren’t many people there. Roller coasters and other thrill rides are available for older kids and adults.

Tim read about a Thai restaurant that someone claimed was the best in Asia so we headed there for dinner. The Spice House Restaurant, located in Wan Chai had decent food, but it definitely wasn’t better than anything we normally have. And the service was not great either.

We saw a cool street display on the way back to the train station.

We passed Wan Chai market as well so we stopped there on the way back to the subway. It was mostly flowers and food. But there were random stalls of clothes and toys.

When we arrived at our train station, we went to customer service to return our octopus cards and get a refund of our balance on the cards. They charged about $1 USD to do this, but it was definitely worth it because we got about $25 USD back.

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