2018 Goals


So in the fall, I realized that a lot of my friends sell something as a source of income. Oils, Beachbody, make-up, an etsy shop, whatever. Podcasters and bloggers have been talking about their word for the year and how they make money on their platform all the time. I, however, just stay home with my daugher, run my household, and blog when I feel like it.

Sometime in late November or early December, Pastor Al was teaching about purpose and conviction. I decided that I really wanted to be intentional about how I spent my time in 2018 and figure out what God really had for me to do this year. So I set it up with Tim that I would go spend some time at Starbucks one afternoon and plan my year. I brought my Bible, a calendar, some books, and a notebook. I was all set to think about how productive my year would be.

I wanted to spend some time in prayer and really hear from God, you know? So as I sat there and prayed and waited for Him to tell me what big things He wanted me to accomplish this year, this is what He said…

“Your priorities this year are spending time with ME, Tim, and Clarissa, and I also want you to focus on your health.”

Really, God? That’s what you want me to do this year?! Nothing big and fancy. Just my family and my health. Okay. I can do that.

I enjoyed my soy hot chocolate and quiet time. I thought about a few action steps for how I wanted to spend time with God and my family. The things I thought I could focus on in the health department. I brainstormed books that I already have on my Kindle or on my bookshelf that I have been meaning to read that fit in with those things.

I wrote a few things into my December and January calendars so that I could finish a Bible study I had already started and read a new book on my list. But it wasn’t anything major. Just a few things to do each week. And miraculously, I actually did them. Only having a few things on my to do list made it way easier to accomplish than having several goals to work towards.

I feel like I am already making more time for things that matter. The extra things that everyone else volunteers for or works for, aren’t a huge deal. I am just over here enjoying my mornings with God and making sure I have special times with Tim and Clarissa everyday. And I have already been to the Korean hospital to check off one of my health things for the year.

Tim and I also decided on a few financial goals to focus on this year that we are excited to work toward.

What are you going to focus on in 2018?

3 thoughts on “2018 Goals

  1. It is good to have some time to see what He requires of us and I am glad you were able to do that. I have a goal to get caught up on 5 years of photos that are sitting in digital form. I want them to be printed and put in albums so we can see, without electronics, our memories.


  2. apronstringsotherthings

    Sounds like you had a productive coffee-time-planning-session. And sounds like you have set some very important goals for the year. Caring for our families really should be top priority.
    I am also working on keeping my priorities in their proper places these days. Thank you for the encouragement!


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