Online Conference Season


As I mentioned before, I have really gotten into online conferences in the past year or so. I like that I can find life giving information that I can watch at my convenience. Most of the time, it’s even free!

When we lived in Daegu, the PWOC always did two simulcasts each year. Beth Moore in the fall and Priscilla Shirer in the spring. They were my favorite days of the year. I enjoyed a full day of “girl time” where I also had a chance to worship God and hear teaching without distraction (read- they are always Saturday so Clarissa stays home with Tim).

What I didn’t think much about before was that the simulcasts were also available to individuals. In April, I planned to have the Priscilla Shirer Simulcast be my last hurrah in Daegu, but the movers changed my plans. I was devastated that I missed the time with my friends and Priscilla. So I googled it and I found out that I could pay $20 and have access for a whole month on my own. So I spent some time each night of hotel life listening to the Simulcast. I was able to enjoy the worship and the teaching so I got a lot out of it. I did eventually get my girl time in as well.

I went to my first simulcast at Camp Humphreys on Saturday. You can still hear Beth Moore talk about vision until October 16 here.

The other thing I have really enjoyed is online conferences. These have all been free. The catch is that they will post a few sessions per day and they are only available for 24-48 hours so you have to prioritize what you listen to. Each session also usually has a website or some kind of freebie from the speaker. But it is possible to get your favorite sessions in for free because each session is less than an hour long and you can start and stop as you need to. And if I wasn’t really interested in a session once it started, I could just stop. They also have a paid option where you can have access to all of the sessions forever. Though I have really enjoyed the conferences, I have not tried paying for them yet. I spent a lot of time listening to things as I made dinner or washed the dishes Also, let’s be real. Clarissa didn’t complain about getting to watch extra movies on those days either.

Last year, I really enjoyed the Mom Conference. It was only three days and I listened to sessions about getting your kids to eat healthier/teach them how to cook, organizing your life, budgeting, marriage, and even traveling as a family. The Mom Conference is happening again soon. You can sign up now and the conference will be live October 17-19, 2017. It looks like some of the same sessions from last year but some new ones as well.

In May, I listened to the Online Homeschool Convention. I really enjoyed this one. It lasted most of May. It had 3-4 sessions per day that were available for 48 hours. I usually only listened to 1-2 per day. But it was really encouraging to hear from people I really connected with and just really encouraged me in my thinking. It was also helpful to hear from people I didn’t agree with to think about what I really want for our family.

There was an overlap for a Homeschool Summit during May as well so I didn’t really get to listen to most of this one. That one was mostly about curriculum. There is going to be another one that focuses on teaching from October 16-21, so I am going to try to listen to some this round.

Once I got into a rhythm of listening to these things while making dinner, I decided that I really liked that routine so I started listening to podcasts. I think I need a separate post for that though.

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