Life giving Home: May


This chapter of the Life Giving Home focused on celebrations, namely graduations. Since Clarissa is only three, I have yet to really think about how I would want her high school graduation to look. I do like how she said that each of her four children had a very different graduation experience based on personality/skills/talents. I also like the idea of some kind of trip or ceremony to celebrate coming of age. I don’t know if I would want to do that for the transition to 13 or 18. Or both…

She also talked about Mother’s Day. I really appreciated this thought, “I understood that no matter what other work I would accomplish, part of my service of worship to God was to serve the child He had given me.” She also included this thought from the Lord:

This child, whom I created, has special significance to Me. Will you take this child for My sake and show her the touch of the love of God, whisper the messages and truth of Scripture, teacher her to have the character of Christ in living and serving with integrity, and show her how to give her life to a world that is longing for redemption? Will you raise this precious gift I ave given you for Me, as an act of worship?

I know I’ve said this before, but Clarissa is only little once. I really want to enjoy her. Even in all of her “threenager” glory. Our happiest days are spent getting dirty and reading books. Mostly just playtime.

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