The Life Giving Home: January


One of the things I enjoy about the blogging world is that I can read and enjoy life giving content without leaving my house or taking time away from my family. When one such blogger suggested The Life Giving Home, I knew I wanted to check it out.

The book and it’s companion, The Life Giving Home Experience, are broken down into 12 sections, one for each month of the year. I really like that because I feel like it gives me time to focus on one thing for a while before I move on to the next section. And since it’s meant to be read over the course of an entire year, I won’t feel rushed.

I think it is beneficial to have both books. The Life Giving Home has great content. The Life Giving Home Experience is more like a workbook/journal and asks you questions as you think about your home.

A few thoughts stuck out to me as I think about how I want to create a lifegiving atmosphere in my home:

  • Our home moves with us. It’s not tied to a specific house. The author, Sally Clarkson, says about her own family, “I knew from the beginning that we would probably not have a static homestead where we could congregate over life as a family. So we focused on creating home out of less tangible materials – traditions, habits, rhythms, experiences and values.” p 10
  • People before schedules. “It’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget that the purpose of a lifegiving home is to nurture real human souls and bodies. Everything else is secondary to this cause.” Experience p. 2

She talks about taking time at the beginning of the year to really make goals for the next twelve months. We have some big changes coming up soon so I didn’t do that. I decided instead to think about the things I DON’T want to do or focus on this year as I am making decisions and commitments.

There are also a few things I am trying to add to our normal routine.

  • A daily reading hour. Clarissa loves to read and I enjoy it when I take the time for it. I would like to be intentional about spending some uninterrupted time in the afternoon reading. Sally suggests, “If you can create the habit of afternoon reading when your children are little, they will keep it going the rest of their lives.” p. 54
  • A Daily Family Clean. Set the timer for 10 minutes and everyone pitches in to clean up a specific area of the house.
  • Be intentional about playing worship music during the day. It helps set the mood.
  • Bedtime Bible Time. We always read stories before bed. We’re intentional during Truth in the Tinsel and Sense of the Resurrection. But I want to be intentional about reading the Bible with Clarissa every night. She enjoys picking a story from her own Bible to read.

When we were in Hawaii, Clarissa slept late every day because of the jet lag. I had a really long quiet time each day. It was wonderful. I need to be intentional about waking up early so that I can continue doing that at home too. Even on the weekends.

I also need to be mindful of how much time I spend on Facebook. It’s nice to keep up with friends back home but there is also so much drama that it’s not really life giving. I play this game where I delete it off my phone and then add it back. I may just delete my account eventually.

I’m going to try something new and link up with other bloggers as I read this book.

A Life Giving Home Discussion and Link-up

2 thoughts on “The Life Giving Home: January

  1. Sabrina at Kids Crunch and Christ

    Thanks for joining the link-up and sharing your thought! I loved reading your plans for applying this chapter and look forward to learning and sharing with you all year!!

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