Fun day with friends 


Two of my church friends from Virginia Beach currently live in Hawaii. We got to have a play date with one of them this morning at the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center

There are several awesome exhibits on two floors.  The first floor has real life things for kids to play with.  You can dress up on stage,  run the spotlight for the stage,  be a news person,  or a camera person.  There is also a restaurant to make food,  a bank,  fire station,  recycling center,  a construction area, and auto shop.  One room is even set up with body parts.  For example you can go inside a giant mouth and brush teeth or walk through a stomach. 

The second floor has rooms for several different countries.  You can play dress up and see what kind of food they eat or what the houses look like.  They have India,  Portugal,  Philippines,  China,  Japan,  and Korea,  as well as Hawaii.  There are books in each room so Clarissa wanted to read.  The cool thing was that the book in Hawaii was about a monk seal and we watched a training session with a monk seal yesterday at the aquarium. 

I definitely recommend the museum.  With my military discount it was $10 each (normally 12). The kids played well together.  Clarissa tried to get in their van when it was time to leave.  It was so good for my heart to see someone from home and just catch up. 

On the way home Clarissa and I went to the US Army History Museum Hawaii.  Any history buff will love it.  There was a section about how Hawaiians helped in each of the wars in the 20th century.  There were rooms about weapons and people.  One room was about World War 1, another about World War 2,  the Korean War, and  Vietnam.  I don’t remember if they talked about the Gulf Wars. 

There is a wonderful gift shop.  I was able to find some neat things for the veterans in my life.  

After the museum,  we made some more friends at the pool.  When Tim got back,  we headed to the mall for dinner.  We ate at Islands Fine Burgers and Fries.  The food was great.  I was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures… 

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