Change of plans 


Tim had to leave for work at 630 this morning.  Meanwhile,  at 11 I tried to wake Clarissa up.  I said,  “Don’t you want to ride the pineapple train today?”  She said,  “Yes but I want to sleep a little bit longer,” rolled over,  and went back to sleep.  Jetlag always hits her the hardest.  Going to bed at midnight didn’t help,  I am sure.  

The Dole Pineapple Plantation is the farthest thing I am planning to do without Tim,  so we need to leave earlier in the day.  I decided to catch up on some reading and let Clarissa sleep so we can have a fun time with friends tomorrow. 

She did finally wake up about noon.  We spent some time playing with her new Hawaii Legos and then she said she had to bring her Gigi books to read to the fish at the aquarium. 

We drove to the Waikiki Aquarium and found a space in the very small lot.  The aquarium was small but fun.  With my military ID admission was only $8 (normally 12)  and Clarissa was free.  There were several small tanks and one large one.  

Yesterday’s submarine ride saw several of the same fish,  but due to the water depth,  we didn’t see the colors.  It was nice to see the colorful fish and coral today.  I also really liked that each tank had a small platform for kids to stand on to see better. 

Outside was a volunteer with sea urchins and hermit crabs you could learn about and touch.  Also,  there was a sea lion. Clarissa was very excited to make a souvioneer coin.  For 51 cents you could squish a penny.  There were 7 designs to choose from. One side had an animal and the other side said Waikiki Aquarium.  Clarissa chose a shark,  a clown fish,  and a sea lion. 
As we were finishing our coins there was an announcement that there was a training session for the sea lion.  We decided to check it out.  Clarissa really enjoyed it.  We ended up standing next to a family from Korea.  They definitely looked at us strangely when we greeted them in Hangeul.  Clarissa was very excited,  “Mommy they speak Korean!” 

After the aquarium,  we decided to check out the Army History Museum.  I forgot that they are closed on Monday.  But we had a picnic lunch on a bench and enjoyed looking at the war machines outside. 

We decided to go back to the hotel and head to the pool until Tim got back home from work.  Clarissa made a friend and we got to watch the sunset from the pool.  It was beautiful.  The pictures on my phone do not do the colors justice. 

We headed back to the mall for dinner.  They have a large food court so we were each able to get what we wanted. Clarissa had her French fries,  Tim had Chinese,  and I had Mexican (the closest I’ve had to my favorite in almost two years). 

One thought on “Change of plans 

  1. Marianne

    I enjoyed this adventure, too! Awe. The sunset pictures were really beautiful. Glad it was a relaxing and fun day for the both of you. And I am glad you got Mexican . 🙂


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