Let the Hawaii adventures begin! 


Jetlag is interesting.  Yesterday,  my goal was to make it to 7pm. We were in bed by 6.  Clarissa was awake and starving by 11 so we all snacked and read until about 1.  I woke up about 745 and decided that I should actually get up for the day  to have some quiet time before Tim and Clarissa woke up…I had to wake them up at 11 so we had time to eat for our scheduled submarine adventure. 

The pier for Atlantis Submarines is attached to our hotel’s beach.  I didn’t plan it that way,  but it definitely made life easier.  

We checked in for our tour and they took our family picture.  The pictures ended up being good so we paid the expensive fee for them. 

First,  we boarded a boat. We had to watch the coast guard safety video before the boat could launch.  Then we were allowed on the top deck to see the awesome scenery on the way to our submarine. 

It was pretty cool to watch the submarine come up.  Clarissa did climb the ladder by herself to the submarine.  The windows were very large and the views were clear.  Apparently the deeper underwater you go,  the less the colors show.  Red looks brown.  Yellow was vibrant.  But most things looked blue,  black,  and gray.  Apparently when National Geographic comes to take pictures,  they have to use huge lights so that you can actually see the colors of the fish. 

Waikiki is a man made beach so 30 years ago there weren’t many fish.  Atlantis built a few different structures to attract fish and populate this area. They also have a sunken ship and two planes down there. 

The submarine ride was about an hour and had a live English narration.  They also had headsets so that you could hear the tour in Japanese,  Chinese,  or Spanish. It was interesting and informative.  We were able to see many fish but also a shark,  two turtles,  and sting rays.  We went down to 113 feet,  which is apparently rare for most people to do in their lifetime. We all really enjoyed it. 

Tim had a meeting after our tour so Clarissa and I headed to the pool for about an hour.  We then headed to the mall to see the rest of the stores and have dinner. 

We ended up at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  It is based on the movie Forest Gump. The service was great. They have two license plates on your table.  The red one lets the servers know that you need something. 

The food was delicious.  There were many things to choose from.  We may eat there again later in the week.  Tim chose a lemonade in a suvioneer cup that had color changing lights on the bottom. 

Clarissa fell asleep on the drive to Target.  I was very excited to be able to visit Target. Though I must admit that this one had several empty shelves which surprised me.  Island life probably means less frequent deliveries. 

Also at checkout my cashier asked me if I needed to purchase a reusable bag.  I have not been to Target in two years so I don’t know if that is a normal Target thing or just a Hawaiian thing.  I have not seen a single plastic bag on the island. 

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