The new Shinsagae Mall 


We like to go for long walks.  When we lived in Norfolk,  we would head to the oceanfront for a walk on the boardwalk.  When it was too cold,  we would head to an area mall.  We walk a lot in Daegu but didn’t have a place to walk in the cold,  until now. 

Tim used to walk Coex Mall in Seoul a lot when he was stationed at Osan so he was really excited for the new Shinsagae Mall in Daegu.  Surely we would be able to get some great walks in a 9 story mall. 

We were not disappointed and have actually been twice already. The first time was on a weekday so it would not be so crowded. We took the subway to Dongdaegu station,  which connects to the mall. 

There were so many restaurants on B1 to choose from,  but we weren’t quite hungry.  The elevator wait looked like it would be a while so we folded up the stroller and took the escalator and explored the first couple of floors of expensive shops.  Clarissa was very excited.  I hope she doesn’t have expensive tastes as she grows… 

We did finally take an elevator to the 6th floor so that Tim could check out Electro Mart.  It was a great store with all kinds of gadgets.  We actually bought two lamps.  

While we waited for the elevator we realized why it took so long.  There were always three elevators.  But at least one elevator was an “express”  elevator which meant that it did not stop on every floor. Then when the elevator stops,  it is full and I mean Korea full where there is no room at all. You can easily wait 20 minutes for the elevator. 

The seventh floor has a really nice toy store that is reasonably priced.  They had a rather large Lego section among other things.  Clarissa enjoyed walking through the tunnels and in the big doll house.  It was hard to convince her to leave. 

There was also a really cute furniture store for kids right next to the toy store. 

On the ninth floor was the aquarium,  and one of the main reasons we went to the mall that day.  We had to get a number and wait in line to buy tickets.  It cost 77,000 won (about $70)  for the three of us so I was expecting a great aquarium. 

I was actually very disappointed.  There weren’t any tanks with large fish at all.  Usually there was only a small tank on one side of the wall.  There were a few lizards,  snakes,  raccoons,  and even rabbits.  Even Clarissa was surprised when we got to the end.  

We did find Nemo and Dory,  so it wasn’t a total loss.  There was also a water play area where Clarissa got very wet.  But the fish in the touch tank were small and didn’t want to be touched. 

Also on the 9th floor is a carousel.  It is only for kids aged 2-7. You have to show that you have spent at least 30,000 won at the mall for entry. The ride was probably about 2 minutes.  But Clarissa loved it! 

There is an outdoor play area as you exit the ninth floor.  It looks like they are building a kiddie roller coaster.  There were several things to climb on and the view from the end was really cool.  

They also have arcade games inside on the 9th floor.  Bring plenty of coins.  Most games were 1,000 –  2,000 won.  

The map said there was a bookstore on the 6th floor of the parking garage so we headed there next.  There was not a foreign books section.  I don’t know if the English books are just scattered throughout the store or if they just didn’t have any. 

Also in the parking garage building is Vaunce,  a trampoline place.  Clarissa stayed with Tim so I could check it out before she saw it.  It looked better suited for elementary kids.  Large trampolines,  music,  foam pits,  and ropes to climb.  Plus it costs 11,000 won per hour.  

We did eat lunch and  that day since we were at the mall for almost 8 hours.  Pei Way is like the food court version of PF Changs.  The food was excellent and the prices were reasonable. Dinner was Johnny Rockets which was fine. 

Tim and I went back to the mall for date day. We went back to Electro Mart but mostly hung out on the eighth floor.  There are several restaurants and part of the level is set up to look like a city street.  We had Ron Thai for lunch.  There were several things to choose from. Some menu items were expensive and they would not let you customize orders (like add chicken to curry).  But our food was good. 

There is something called Shinsagae Academy where they have classes you can take.  It looks like they have adult ballet on Saturday afternoon right before they they have Clarissa’s age ballet so we need to look into that after our spring travel is over.  

The main event of our date was Star Wars. Tim wanted to check out the new movie theater.  We really enjoyed the experience.  It was called Dolby Atmos.  The sound was really good as in it seemed to move whether it was supposed to be in front of you or behind you.  The lighting was nice as well.  There was a blue light at appropriate times.  The seats were huge,  leather,  and padded.  Very comfortable.  But not for short people.  My feet barely touched the floor.  Next time,  I think I will put a baby seat on the floor for my feet.  But Tim liked the experience better than IMAX and that’s a pretty big deal.  

So basically,  we highly recommend the new Shinsagae Mall.  Just skip the aquarium and if you can,  leave the strollers at home.  The escalators are much faster. 

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