Mother Daughter Day at the Aquarium 


One of the main reasons we came back to Japan this fall was for Tim to attend Tokyo Game Show today.  We loved Japan at Christmas and wanted to see more.  But it had to be this week for Tim. 

Tim had a great day with some friends.  One friend he met at PAXEast in Boston when I was pregnant with Clarissa.  Another he used to work with in Korea.  He made a few friends today as well. 

I was so proud of myself for making a plan for today that I thought Clarissa would enjoy and figuring out how to get there myself since Tim is usually the navigator. The original plan was Shinagawa Aquarium,  Tokyo Fire Museum,  and Tokyo Toy Museum.  

The first leg of the trip was more complicated than I thought.  We have mostly been using the JR lines,  which have plenty of English.  We needed the Keikyu line,  which does not.  I got on a rapid train by mistake that passed my stop,  but I figured it out eventually. 

From Shinagawa station,  you have to take the local train to the Omori kaigan station.  It is a very small station.  When you exit,  there is a sign that tells you which direction to go for Shinagawa Aquarium.  Cross the pedestrian bridge (there is a elevator) to the other side of the road.  Walk until you get to the big dolphin statues and turn right.  

Walk through the park and turn right at the aquarium sign.  You can see the aquarium from there.  It sounds complicated,  but it was only a five minute walk. 

On our way,  there was a small parade.  I have no idea what it was for.  Maybe it was a drum school because it was mostly kids?  Whatever the reason,  Clarissa and I enjoyed our private parade. 

There was stroller parking at the aquarium,  but I saw families with their strollers inside as well.  The price was great,  1350 yen (like $13)  for adults and kids 3 and under are free. And you can reenter the aquarium all day. 

It is not the biggest aquarium that I have been to.  But it was a great value for the price,  and stroller friendly with ramps and elevators. Clarissa and I both really enjoyed seeing all of the animals.  There were fish,  turtles,  penguins,  sharks,  sea lions,  and dolphins among other things. 

We spent about an hour at the aquarium before we went to see the sea lion show.  Clarissa loved it!  I thought it was great as well.  

The dolphins were swimming in a nearby tank and she kept asking if she could swim with them.  I told her that one day when she is older and knows how to swim we can take a cruise or something and she will get to swim with dolphins then.  

Since we had seen everything at the aquarium,  I was ready to eat lunch and then head to the Tokyo Fire Museum. But Clarissa wasn’t finished. I told her it was lunch time and she had a choice.  We could leave and go to the Fire Museum and the Toy Museum or we could’ve come back to the aquarium after lunch.  She chose the aquarium. 

There is a sit down restaurant and a hot dog/ice cream stand outside the aquarium.  The restaurant had a 30 minute wait so we opted for the hot dog stand.  Clarissa said she wanted ice cream instead of the French fries so I ordered her ice cream and got hot dogs and French fries for myself.  She started eating her ice cream before my food was ready.  Once my food came out she told me that I could have the rest of her ice cream and confiscated my French fries…

We finished lunch in time to get a seat for the dolphin show,  which was wonderful.  They did all kinds of fun tricks!  They could hula hoop and flip and jump high. Clarissa really enjoyed it. 

After the show,  we did another walk through the aquarium before there was an underwater show.  This one was looking through a tank and we were almost late so Clarissa had to sit on my shoulders.  She didn’t mind.  

Then,  we did a photo booth.  The English button didn’t work,  but for 500 yen  ($5), we got two good pictures.  I think Clarissa would have stayed at the aquarium all day if I let her,  but after four hours,  I was ready for something else.  We stopped at the gift shop on th way out.  She found a wind up clown fish to go in the tub like her Dory.  I got a cool multi color pen. 

We walked around the park before we headed back.  No parade this time. 

Back at the hotel room,  Clarissa immediately started to fill the tub so she could play with her new toy.  She kept saying things like “the show will start in 5 minutes”  and “watch this truck.” We had a snack and did some of her school sticker books while we waited for Tim to get back from Tokyo Game Show. 

We went out to dinner before her real bathtime where she continued to “watch a show.”  At bedtime,  she asked me if I could watch the sea lion show with her.  I have a feeling that we will be watching a lot of youtube videos this week… 

One thought on “Mother Daughter Day at the Aquarium 

  1. Marianne

    I am thoroughly enjoying my front row sit to your great adventure. Kudos to mom for going on an adventure in a foreign country with a small child. You are very brave! The pics were great. I love the part were Clarissa immediately went to the bathroom to fill the tub with water for her new toy. And then says, “The show will start in 5 minutes.” Too cute. I am glad Tim enjoyed his day and you and Clarissa had a mother/daughter day. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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