Disney Sea and Dinosaurs 


We thought Thursday would be the least crowded day to head to Disney Sea.  So we took two different trains to the resort.  Then,  there is a special Disney train that takes you the rest of the way (you do have to pay,  but it’s only 260 yen and you can even use your subway card).

We stayed up late Wednesday so we slept in on Thursday and didn’t arrive until lunchtime.  We ate in Mediterranean Harbor.  We ordered the tomato and mozzarella pizza for Clarissa,  chicken and olive pizza for me,  and Tim ordered both kinds of pasta.  I should not have ordered anything for Clarissa.  Though delicious,  she refused to try her pizza.  Three year olds… Also I was pleasantly surprised by the prices of the park food.  Everything was reasonably priced and tasted great.

Over lunch,  we planned our route. Clarissa did not seem cooperative but we decided to start walking and figured she would get excited as we passed things.

She did like the Ariel things in Mermaids Lagoon.  Not enough to ride anything.  But she did enjoy looking at the different rides and statues.


In Arabia,  there was a camel statue that you could sit on to take pictures.  She wanted to do that.  But when you sit on the camel,  apparently it makes noises so she got scared.

Then we tried Sinbad’s Storybook ride.  It was pretty cool.  You ride a boat and go through some of the stories from the Arabian Nights.  Clarissa covered her eyes for the giant.  Tim was holding her and said she was shaking.  But at the end,  she said it was awesome and wanted to go on more rides.

In the Lost Delta,  there was a place to meet characters.  Clarissa wanted to meet Minnie Mouse.  The sign said it would take 40 minutes.  After we had been there a few minutes,  a cast member came by and changed the sign to 50 minutes.  Need to say,  we were all ready to meet Minnie.  They let you take one photo with your camera or you can buy their pictures.  Minnie hugged and kissed all three of us at the beginning and end.  Clarissa was thrilled.  I took a picture of it at the end and they scolded me because I already had my one picture,  even though it was the staged family picture and not the Minnie mouse is kissing my three year old picture.

After meeting Minnie,  we were on a mission to find Nemo.  We actually found Dory and Hank.  But the Nemo ride isn’t finished yet so we never found Nemo. There was a ride with Crush.  But the kind lady who worked there said it was just talking and all in Japanese so we didn’t bother.

We did however,  find Woody.  But the line for his ride was two hours.  So we just hung out in Toyville and looked at the character toys and statues.  Clarissa took pictures on both Bullseye and Ham.  Apparently,  we cut the line,  but I really didn’t notice there was one.  Oops.

On the way to dinner,  we passed by a show. The speaking was in Japanese so we kept walking.  But the songs were in English and Clarissa liked the costumes so Clarissa wanted to watch it.  We ended up finding a spot and watching the rest of it.

We at dinner in the Cape Cod Cook Off.  We tried their Halloween season special burger which was beef with pumpkin and bacon.  It was actually very good.

We weren’t thrilled with the souvioneers in the shops.  Clarissa was devastated that at the end of the day,  we had still not found Nemo.  But Tim saw Nemo toys at the toy store in Akihabara the night before so he thought we should take her there.  Day made.

She picked out a baby Dory toy.  We also found a used bookstore with an English section.  I didn’t find anything for me,  but Clarissa got three books.

All things considered,  it was a great day.  Tim would like to take Clarissa back to Disney Sea next spring when the Nemo ride opens. The Studio Ghibli museum tickets were sold out for our trip again this time so we may need to do a weekend in Tokyo next year for those two things.

We noticed that Disney Sea was geared towards older kids. Clarissa was afraid of some things.  Next year she may enjoy it more.  But the teens and adults love it.

Friday,  we headed to Ueno for the National Museum of Nature and Science.  There were six floors of exhibits.  Clarissa especially liked the animals and the dinosaur bones.  Those were all labeled in both English and Japanese.

Some of the other floors had interesting interactive exhibits.  Tim’s favorite was a heat sensor. We all had fun playing with that one.

There were video screens you could press for information in English.  The teaching videos were all in Japanese though.

I think most families would enjoy the museum.  The price is very reasonable.  620 yen for adults.  Everyone else is free.  The special exhibit was an additional 980 for adults and 600 for children so we skipped it.

After the museum,  we headed down the road to the Toshogu Shrine.  The rain was starting to pick up so we put on our raincoats.  I am glad we did because after I took the first picture,  it started pouring.

This shrine is the oldest in Tokyo,  built before the Edo period.  The architecture and design reminds me very much of the two castles we visited earlier this week,  especially Nijo jo in Kyoto.

There was one more electronics shop to check out in Shibuya.  Tim was unsuccessful in that area.  But his feet have been bothering him since the monkey park,  so when we passed an Adidas store,  we decided it was time for new sneakers.  Problem solved.

The best English bookstore is in Shinjuku,  so we decided to head there.  Kinokuniya actually had a great selection.  They had mostly hardback books so they were a little expensive.  Their kid’s section was awesome.

After our day of shopping and exploring,  we realized that we never ate lunch.  So we decided to splurge on Outback for dinner.  My steak was great.  Tim had some pasta.

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