Shinkansen and Akihabara 


This morning,  we checked out of our Kyoto hotel and took the shuttle to Kyoto station to catch our Shinkansen train (bullet train) to Tokyo. 

Clarissa wanted to ride on top of a suitcase instead of the stroller.  She and Tim had a great time together. 

The Shinkansen has some similarities to the KTX trains.  They are both very long and have sections with assigned seats.  The shinkansen also has a few cars with unassigned seats. KTX from Daegu to Seoul is about two hours.  Shinkansen from Kyoto to Tokyo is the same but the distance is almost double. Both trains have toilets and overhead storage for luggage. 

The KTX has an area at the back of each car for larger luggage.  We didn’t see that on our Shinkansen train so we stored our two large suitcases and stroller overhead. 

The Shinkansen train was slightly larger inside.  KTX is two seats,  an aisle,  and two seats.  Shinkansen is two seats,  a larger aisle,  and three seats.  There is also more leg room on a Shinkansen train.  The ticket from Kyoto to Tokyo also costs about 1/3 more than a ticket from Daegu to Seoul,  but again the distance is almost double.  

We really enjoyed our train ride this afternoon.  The train was on time.  There were only 3 stops.  Clarissa enjoyed the space.  She made herself comfortable on the floor for a bit.  She had plenty of room between the seat,  my bookbag,  and my legs.  The rest of the time,  she sat in my lap so we didn’t have to pay for her ticket. Clarissa even peed in the toilet while the train was moving.  I was impressed. 

We stayed in Shinagawa at Christmas and loved that part of the city.  We chose a different hotel this time,  slightly closer to the subway station. 

Since we arrived early afternoon,  we decided to explore after we settled in.  We headed to Akihabara to see if Tim could find the rest of his wishlist.  The funny part is that he didn’t find anything in Electronic Town,  but Clarissa and I did.  I lost my sunglasses yesterday and found some cute new ones today.  Clarissa found a few things.  She and Tim built a model of Dory tonight and now have a remote control submarine for the bathtub. 

“Look mom.  A robot.  Take my picture!” We actually have a small version of this guy at home that we bought at the Gundam Storefront  in December.  

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