Ulsan do over


Our last trip to Ulsan was a little disappointing because we didn’t get to do everything we planned. We decided to try again on Memorial Day since it was an American holiday but not a Korean one. That was an excellent decision because nothing was crowded that day.

I had my phone ready so I actually captured the sign for Asian Highway 1 this time.

2016-05-30 10.24.15

Our original plan was to try an Indian place for lunch. We found it, but couldn’t figure out where to park in downtown Ulsan at lunchtime. We thought we would return to O’Taco, but they are closed on Mondays. So we walked along the road that O’Taco is on since there are several restaurants there. We ended up at the Cat’s Meow. It was great! The food was delicious and the prices weren’t bad either. We were the only ones there so the service was good. The view was amazing too. Tim ordered a salmon set that came with soup, salad, fish, and vegetables. I ordered a chicken salad but they brought me soup as well. Clarissa ordered french fries.

Then we went to Daewangam Park. Clarissa and I played at the dragon park for a bit. She impressed me with her climbing ability. She was able to climb very high on the ropes and wasn’t afraid of the very high slide.

After she got some energy out, we headed to Daewangam island. Along the way we saw Ulgi lighthouse.

There were divers. I think they had mussels or clams. We didn’t get super close to see. But they looked cool walking around.

The views from the island were beautiful. We could only take the stroller to a point since there were many steps. So we just parked it at one of the overlooks and then Tim carried Clarissa to the island. We could see many ships and a windmill in the distance.

We headed back to the car to get the sand toys and then headed to Ilsan beach. The boardwalk was very clear. It only took about 30 minutes to get the end. The marina was nice with the boats docked.

Then we played in the sand for a bit before we headed home. I took Clarissa to see the water while she ate her sandwich. She wasn’t afraid of the waves like her first trip to the ocean two years ago.





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