Packing the Diaper Bag


The contents of my diaper bag has changed as Clarissa grows.

We moved to South Korea the week that Clarissa turned 18 months old. Not only did we move to a different country, but we didn’t bring a car. Needless to say, our entire lifestyle changed.

I switched from a normal diaper bag to a bookbag. This way, I could bring a bus pass, my wallet, cell phone, and waterbottle along with whatever Clarissa would need.

I would make sure the following items were packed:

  • 1 extra outfit
  • a diaper for every 3 hours I planned to be away from the house
  • a washcloth (wipe) for every diaper plus one extra
  • my wetbag for dirty diapers
  • my mini spray bottle for diaper changes
  • sippy cup of water
  • some finger foods like crackers or puffs
  • a pouch of fruits or vegetables
  • I let her choose a small toy or book for the bus ride

After being in Korea a few weeks, we also bought a small backpack harness for her. She wanted to walk on her own and I didn’t have to worry about cars. I usually put the snacks in her little backpack for easy access on the bus.

One thought on “Packing the Diaper Bag

  1. Marianne

    Time goes on, even when we want it to stop so we can smell the roses. Thanks for the front row seat of your adventure. I have enjoyed every post. 🙂

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