Packing the Diaper bag


The contents of my diaper bag has changed as Clarissa grows.

When she was small, and we were still living in Virginia, I had a normal diaper bag.

Her first few months, I would make sure the following items were packed:

  • an extra shirt for ME! (Especially as she learned to take a bottle, she would bathe me in some kind of liquid)
  • 2 extra outfits (at this point, her legs were chunky enough that her diapers rarely leaked so I didn’t have to worry about as many outfit changes)
  • a diaper for every two hours I planned to be away from the house
  • a washcloth (wipe) for every diaper plus one extra
  • my wetbag for dirty diapers
  • my mini spray bottle for diaper changes
  • two burp cloths and two bibs
  • Once she was six months or so, she wouldn’t nurse under the cover. She also couldn’t focus to nurse if other people were around, so we switched to bottles in public. If you are still nursing, bring a cover. If not, bring a bottle or baby food for every two hours you will be out of the house.
  • two small toys for her to hold
  • two books for her to look at
  • If I was going to be out most of the day, I would bring baby food and three spoons (she needed one for each hand so I could feed her). If I was only going to be gone a few hours, I just brought milk

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