Car Repair in Daegu


2016-02-15 11.45.28

We bought our car in January, and Tim had his first car accident in Korea about two weeks later. It was a very minor accident involving a taxi. They seem to come out of nowhere often!

Neither our car nor the taxi had major damage, mostly scratched paint. We waited until Tim was off for President’s Day to take it to be fixed.

Several people at work recommended Sanho Garage. If you are coming from Camp Henry, it is on the road right before the turn to Camp Walker gate 4.

We brought the car in about 10:30 that morning. We just parked the car in the back and walked up the stairs to the office. The manager went back downstairs with us and looked at our car. Mr. Chang spoke excellent English. He was very familiar with USAA insurance, but our cost was less than our deductible anyway.

He told us to leave the keys with him and come back for the car after work on Wednesday.

We were very happy with the price and the service. The car looks as good as new. You can’t tell it was in an accident.

They do take credit card.

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