Random November Adventures


The weather has turned cold in Daegu. But we are still enjoying our adventures.

Clarissa and I continue to go to Story Time at the library on Thursdays. There is usually a craft after the reading. But to celebrate Thanksgiving, we did cookie decorating instead. Clarissa did decide to participate. She tried frosting her cookie but immediately realized that it was “messy” and so tried to wipe the frosting off with her napkin. I took one for the team and ate it while she enjoyed a plain cookie. The other kids had a blast decorating their cookies though. I must confess I forgot to take pictures. I will try again next month when we do it again for Christmas!

This month Tim and I were able to have a date day instead of a date night. Parent’s Day Out was from 9-5 on a Saturday.

We started at the holiday bazaar at the PX parking lot. We were able to custom order Clarissa a Christmas stocking. I am excited to see how that turns out. Tim designed it and I think it will be pretty. There were food samples as well so we tried KyoChon chicken. It was amazing! Better than Chick-fil-a! So we bought a small chicken strips and snacked on our walk to the subway.

We took the train to Jungangno so that we could check the movie times along the way to Hyundai Department Store. We were interested in Hunger Games, Spectre, and Martian. The movie time that worked best with our time restraints was the 2:00 showing of Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2. The movie was playing in 4dx at that time.

A few weeks ago Tim really liked his Malaysian food at PanAsia Express, so we decided to try that for lunch. But when we got there, the menu was completely different. So after walking around B1 of Hyundai, we decided to see which restaurants were on the eighth floor. We used to really like a sushi place up there but it left. We did eat in the same location though, at a place called Gate 9. It was a really cute Thai place. We have been looking for good Thai since we arrived in Daegu. This is the closest we have found to Thai Arroy in Virginia Beach. Tim got a curry and I had my favorite pad see eew but with beef. Both dishes were great! The service was good too.

After lunch, we went to Lotte Young Plaza to see our movie. When we entered the CGV, we had to take a number. When our number was called, we talked to the ticket lady to choose our seats. We actually got decdent seats for opening weekend. We weren’t planning on seeing the movie in 4d, but it was either that or no movie so we decided to try it.

Short story. 4dx isn’t worth it. The seats move at random times and they don’t always make sense. Thankfully, I was wearing contacts because water kept squirting at my face and every time Katniss shot an arrow, a puff of air would go by my ear. It was actually kind of annoying. Also, we didn’t really enjoy the movie. I’m sure the 4d special effects didn’t help. It has probably been four years since I read the books, but I remember several differences. And it was just darker than I remembered also.

We barely missed the train so we got back to base later than we expected, which meant that I had to run in order to pick Clarissa up on time. I actually did very well for myself and got there with three minutes to spare.

We have never left Clarissa that long with someone not related to us, so we didn’t know how she would do. She had a great time. She didn’t nap for them of course, but she did eat lunch. We took her to the PX to get pizza for dinner where we ran in to our neighbor friends. They were actually in charge of the holiday bazaar that day and gave us a coupon for KyoChon.

After our visit to the dentist, we took the train to Hwanggeum so we could have lunch at KyoChon. They were closed apparently. So we found the bus and decided to go back to Banwaldong to get KyoChon at a different location. We knew the coupon wouldn’t work there, but we were in the mood for their chicken. We were not disappointed. The chicken strips and potato wedges were awesome. Clarissa actually ate both and she hasn’t eaten meat in months!

Saturday we took the 651 bus to Dongdaegu express bus terminal. When we go to Japan next month, we are flying out of Busan. There is a bus that will take you from Daegu directly to the airport and we wanted to buy our tickets ahead of time. It costs 10,200 won ($8.82) and only takes about an hour. It was a pretty quick and painless process. We took the 156 bus back to the apartment. It’s nice to have two options that are so close to our apartment.

Sunday we met our friends at imaming,  which is what my other American friends refer to as a jump jump place.  You pay 3,000 won per hour ($2.56) for your child to run around,  play with toys, or jump on the trampoline. Adults have a flat 2,000 won ($1.70) entrance fee. It is about a five minute walk from our apartment.  We have only been twice but Clarissa loves it.

I like watching her play,  talking to adults,  and people watching. Clarissa usually makes friends wherever we go,  so this was no exception.  There were two little girls there that were probably 9 or 10.  They followed Clarissa everywhere.  They carried her up the slide,  caught he at the bottom,  and even pushed her around in the car.  I love that kids don’t care about age,  race,  or language.  They just play!

2015-11-29 13.21.11

2015-11-29 13.17.33

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