My Korean dentist


We moved to Daegu nine months ago,  so I figured it was time to go to the dentist.  I asked for recommendations on facebook and a friend recommended MIR Dental Hospital so we decided to check them out.

At least one of the dentists there speaks English. Some of the hygenists do. At least the woman who cleaned Tim’s teeth did.

We took the train to Banwoldong and walked through the underground shopping mall until the very end (you pass two sets of giant painted screws that are used as chairs, a few pet stores, and a ton of restaurants). MIR is part of a 10 story building, but clearly labeled. There is parking available.

We walked in and filled out some paperwork. Very minimal. We just had to give them our names, birthdates, cell phone numbers, Korean address, and tell them if we take any medications. Then we were instructed to go the fourth floor.

Tim went first. Clarissa and I waited in the waiting room. The waiting area was very nice. They had couches as well as individual seats. There was a coffee area and a tv as well.

Then it was my turn. Back home, I usually get my teeth cleaned before the dentist sees me. But the dentist examined me first. Dental chairs are pretty standard I guess, because he leaned me back just fine. His English was excellent. No cavities 🙂

I am generally OCD about my glasses getting dirty so I always wear contacts when I go to the dentist. Here, I probably won’t have to. The hygenist put what looked like a paper towel with a hole cut out over my mouth. I couldn’t see much. But I also didn’t get spit and other random fluids all over my face.

The teeth cleaning felt the same as in the States, so she probably used all of the same tools. It was just different because I am used to talking to the hygenist a little. I don’t think mine spoke English though. She did know “finished.”

It was pretty quick. The checkout process was easy too. It was also very reasonably priced. We don’t have dental insurance here so we paid for the cleaning out of pocket. It was only 60,000 won each (about $52). We didn’t get a free tooth brush like I am used to, but we were satisfied with the service.


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