Clarissa-isms (aka hilarious things my two year old says)


2015-10-14 08.21.16

Clarissa’s speech becomes more understandable every day. Half the time I have to keep myself from laughing when I respond to her. But most other people might not understand what she is trying to say. Some of my favorites…

Our neighbor recently got a cat. The cat scratched Clarissa and she said, “Mama, Kimchi messed me up!”

She doesn’t really say Cs and Ks yet, so she refers to herself as Tessa.

If something falls she says, “help me reach it”

She does little things and exclaims, “I did it!” like I should be extremely proud of her. She also says, “Yay” and “Hurray” a lot.

This week she has started doing thumbs up. But that’s not what she calls it. She says “thumbs out”

If she isn’t happy with something she will say “somefing else.” This can refer to wanting to watch a different tv show, read a different book, or eat something.

It isn’t please, it’s still “peas.” But she is good at saying “tanks mama” for thank you.

She has been saying “like it” for a while now when she doesn’t like something. Now she has added “want it” and “want to” to her repertoire.

If I tell her something will happen, she almost always asks, “promise?” even if it’s something little like we’re going to take a bath after dinner.

If something isn’t perfect it’s “broken.” The remote control doesn’t call her friend Haven so it’s broken. The blanket on her bed isn’t straight so it’s “broken.”

“Are you doing?” if she wants to know what Tim or I are doing

“What’s dat?” or “dat one”

“Top it” means she wants you to stop. The other day it was windy on the way to the bus and she was adamant that she wanted it to stop. So I explained to her that I can’t stop the wind, only God can, so she can talk to Jesus about that. So for the next five minutes I heard “Top it Jesus,” “wind top,” “Jesus top wind!” Then we had to talk about how God doesn’t always give us what we want…

“It’s mines” even if it isn’t. We aren’t very good at sharing yet.

“One book.” She gets three books before naptime and bedtime. Well, she is supposed to. She often asks for another. And another…

“I freakin’ out” if she is upset about something

“I all done

“I cleanin'”

She also says “um” and ” Mommy, hmm” a lot. I realized this week that I definitely say “hmm”…

Clarissa can count to ten. Though I don’t think she really understands the concept. We have been reading counting books lately. So she will count to ten and then say “ready, not.” But she doesn’t always start at one. Usually she goes from three to ten. She will act like she is counting something in a book and points to things, but often gets to ten even if there are only six objects on the page.

Our door has this random alarm issue. So if it’s windy or we accidentally slam a different door in the house, an alarm sounds and I have to go outside, put the code in the door, and shut the door again. When this happens Clarissa gets a worried look on her face and says, “Mergency”

One thought on “Clarissa-isms (aka hilarious things my two year old says)

  1. marianne

    I really enjoy all your posts. You give me a front row seat into your daily routines which I love. Your daily routines are moments of joy for me. I can tell you spend a lot of time and patience with Clarissa (Tessa) , you are such a good Mom . Thanks for the pleasant memories. 🙂 🙂


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