My birthday at E-world


So when you turn 32 in a foreign country, what do you do to celebrate? I am sure there are many other options in Daegu, but I chose to take the family to E-world.

We decided to try the umbrella stroller and Clarissa actually cooperated for a bit. I think that we may actually bring the stroller to Japan in December.

2015-10-23 09.55.20

We took the rapid 6 bus to National Health Insurance stop and crossed the street to E-World. My friend told me that if we go to the foreign office, we could get in for half price. So we skipped the long line and went to the annual pass office to the right. It cost 16,500 won for Tim and for myself. We didn’t buy a band for Clarissa. I figured if she was tall enough for a ride, we would pay separately.

I am glad that we didn’t pay for a band for her. She wasn’t tall enough for a single ride! The minimum on the rides was 90-100 cm and at her two year checkup in August, she was only 81.6cm. The highlight of the trip for Clarissa was probably when we found a Tayo to ride.

2015-10-23 10.58.44

It cost 1,000 won for a two minute ride. At first, she said she was scared, so I rode Gani and then she was fine. She rode Tayo twice and also rode Gani before we left.

2015-10-23 11.06.09

The other thing that she really enjoyed was the animals. They had a reptile house (with fish), a small animal house (hamsters, rabbits, gerbils), a bird house, and some outdoor farm animals. I think she would have enjoyed feeding an animal.

2015-10-23 11.15.27

2015-10-23 11.24.07

2015-10-23 11.33.00

Overall, we were not impressed with E-world. I think it would have helped if Clarissa had been tall enough to ride something. There were two roller coasters, but Tim didn’t like how dirty and rusty they looked so we didn’t try them. I think the main problem is that we are spoiled with amusement parks. We grew up going to Quassy and Knoebels. Plus we’ve been to Busch Gardens and Disney as well. E-world seemed more like a carnival than an amusement park in comparisson.

We went up 83 Daegu Tower. It is 83 stories high so you can see all of Daegu from up there. It was pretty hazy so we couldn’t see everything clearly. We found our apartment, but the picture didn’t come out. We need to go back on a clear day and also at night to see the view. It cost 19,000 won for the three of us (Clarissa was free) to get in. While we were up there, we had a professional photograph taken. We were the only ones up there for a while, so he took his time and took like eight different shots until we had one that we liked with all three of us looking!

2015-10-23 12.03.18

2015-10-23 12.04.40

2015-10-23 12.06.26

2015-10-23 12.22.18

The highlight for Tim was probably lunch. We ate at a place called Globurger. They had one inside the Daegu Tower, but it wasn’t open. There was one closer to the park entrance, so we ate there. It was decorated like a 1950s burger place. The hilarious part to me was that half the time we were there, there was Disco music on the radio. Like most Korean fast food, it took about twenty minutes for our food to be ready. Tim got two spicy chicken burgers, I ordered the original hamburger, and we all split the french fries. The food was good. We need to find one outside of Eworld.

We took the bus to Seobu and went to Baskin Robbins for dessert. We let Clarissa order her very own children’s sundae instead of just sharing mine. It’s a pretty popular corner, so as Clarissa was eating, people kept stopping at the window to look at her and try to talk to her through the glass.

2015-10-23 14.19.35

We walked home from there. Clarissa actually took a nap that afternoon so I could watch a movie that has been on my list for a while, The Dropbox.


One thought on “My birthday at E-world

  1. marianne

    Thanks for sharing your outing with us. Sounds like it was a great day for all. 🙂 May this year be your best. Many blessings to you and your family. I could see Clarissa’s big beautiful smile while she was riding the Tayo car. She was in heaven. And so was I. She is growing up so fast. 🙂


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