Ant-Man (Our first date night in Daegu)


We moved to Daegu on February 26. Our first date night was September 18. It was long overdue!

Since we finally brought Clarissa to the doctor for her two year check up, we could turn in the paperwork for the Child Development Center (daycare/preschool on base). This makes her eligible to attend the monthly Parent’s Night Out, which means we can now have a monthly date!

Drop off for Parent’s Night Out isn’t until 6:30, so we all had dinner together at the PX. Clarissa isn’t allowed to bring outside food to the CDC so I wanted to make sure she ate before she went (though they did serve dinner). She was thrilled with her pizza.

2015-09-18 18.39.38

The sky was beautiful. Tim and I took a taxi to Hyundai Department Store (kind of like a mall). When you buy your movie ticket, you choose your seat like on an airplane.

2015-09-25 16.54.23

Tim wanted a snack, so we tried the grilled squid. It was actually pretty good. I really can’t think of a taste to compare it to. But it was probably similar to the shape and texture of french fries. It comes in different flavors. I think we had a buttery one.

2015-09-18 19.09.14

Then we had to go down an escalator and to the left to our theater. We were the only Americans there (well I should say that we were the only white people, it’s possible there were other Americans in there).

The previews were different than in the United States. It was mostly commercials for products like you would see on television. There were two previews for American movies. One was dubbed in Korean. The other was in English with Korean subtitles. The previews both seemed really short.

The movie itself was in English and had Korean subtitles. The screen was probably the same size as an American movie theater and the seats were comfortable. I have heard that some theaters have couches you can lay on, but this wasn’t one of them.

Ant-Man was excellent! Tim and I have different preferences when it comes to movies. But we can usually agree on a Marvel movie. We recently watched Lost again so it was fun to see Evangeline Lily in the movie. The story was great and there wasn’t a ton of language or any sex at all. I think Clarissa will like it in a few years.

2015-09-18 21.24.55

We had to pick Clarissa up by 10:00 and the pedestrian gate also closes at that time on Friday nights, so we took another taxi back to base. Clarissa did really well. Her best friend was there, which I am sure helped a ton for her first time there. Apparently she did cry when Haven left. But she was fine when we got there. They did one of her favorite activities, painting.

2015-09-25 16.42.20

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