Big girl


Clarissa has been two years old for an entire month now and I feel like she is turning into such a big girl!

One of her new favorite things to do is find a stick when we are walking on base.  They are always at least two feet long,  which is huge for her. So now a walk that should take 10-15 minutes is 30-45. Sometimes I can make her move faster by asking her if she can catch my shadow with her stick or find the next puddle to splash in.  I guess she is a nature girl,  always looking for birds and bugs.

wpid-20150910_131557.jpg2015-09-17 12.01.03The other big change is that we converted her crib to a toddler bed. She kept trying to scale her crib.  Usually when I was watching,  either in person or on the monitor.  She would get this mischievous look on her face and then start climbing.  Thankfully she obeyed when I told her to stop.  But I didn’t trust her.  So we made the change last weekend.

2015-09-12 15.57.18

She did really well during her first nap time.  That night she was so excited that she crawled in to bed and almost didn’t nurse.  I thought we might wean and move to a big girl bed all in the same day!  But as I was leaving her room,  she changed her mind.  When she woke up the next morning,  she was thrilled that she could get out of bed all by herself and run to my room before I went to go get her.

Once she realized that she could get out of bed,  the nighttime routine became harder.  Then she started coming out of her room multiple times before she would go to sleep.  So we negotiate,  take stuffed animals,  and sing songs before she actually goes to bed now.  Thankfully it only adds another 5-10 minutes to the bedtime routine.  The funny thing is that now she doesn’t get out of bed on her own in the morning.  She calls me now and waits.  Maybe she is afraid of time out if she gets out of bed because that is what happens at night?

The next day we went to a bowling birthday party.  Clarissa loved the cupcakes and balloons.  She bowled once or twice with a slide looking thing.  But the ball was 7 pounds,  too heavy for her,  so she lost interest in the actual bowling part.  But she had a great time singing,  dancing,  and touching every ball in the place.

2015-09-13 17.29.36


This week we discovered a park not far from the apartment.  The first time we went the Korean children were playing in the fountain so Clarissa joined them (sorry I was too busy watching to take pictures). Everyone wanted to ask questions and learn Clarissa’s name.  Thankfully some spoke English because I only understood a few of their questions in Korean.

Later in the week,  Clarissa and I returned with sand toys.  She had a blast making animals and digging with a shovel.


2015-09-18 13.05.22

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