Celebrating Clarissa


The day before Clarissa turned two, we Skyped my parents. They were able to watch her open and play with the presents they sent her.

Clarissa turned two on a Thursday. It was pretty much a normal Thursday for us. She wanted to wear a fancy skirt and shoes. But I wasn’t allowed to touch her hair. I asked her to smile for the picture and she said no.

2015-08-20 09.36.07

We went to story time at the library to see her friends. Then she requested pizza. So we went to the PX and met Tim for lunch. We did Skype Tim’s parents and they were able to watch her open a few gifts.

Tim took Friday off so we could have a family day. We skyped my sister and brother-in-law in the morning and then headed to Duryu Swimming Pool. When we arrived, the baby pool was closed for the rest of the morning and would reopen during naptime. So we decided to give Clarissa one of her favorite foods for lunch. We bought her french fries from Lotteria and Tim and I ate at Han Sot. The food was cheap and really good. After naptime, we watched one of her birthday gifts, My Neighbor Totoro. She loves that movie. We ended up at Pizza Hut for dinner since pizza is probably her favorite food.

We spent a lot of time deciding what we wanted to do for Clarissa’s birthday celebration. At first, I wasn’t planning to have a party. We were thinking maybe a trip to Haeundae Beach. Then we thought maybe a day at E-World, since it’s actually in Daegu. But as we got closer to Clarissa’s birthday, she had a few little friends so we thought maybe a party would work.

As hot as Daegu is, it needed to be inside. So we scoped out Children’s Hall. But it was a little too advanced for two year olds, and half of the exhibits were broken. Then we thought about a pool party. But the pool on post has been out of commission for most of the summer. And we thought it would be too complicated to meet friends at a city pool and then have them come to our house. The two year olds would probably be done after the pool anyway.

So we settled on a simple birthday party at our house. There is a nice breeze on the third floor playground in the morning, so we invited Clarissa’s two best friends over for a Saturday morning playdate and cupcakes. I thought about inviting two of her other little friends from the building, but we hadn’t seen them since they started preschool in June. The week of the party, new neighbors moved in next door. They have two small boys, so we invited them too. But they ended up being sick the morning of the party so they couldn’t make it.

Our friends arrived and we headed to the playground. As it turns out, Clarissa’s two friends were at the playground too. So we invited them to join us. The kids had a blast playing with bubbles and balloons. I actually was having so much fun that I forgot to take any pictures! Thankfully the other moms took several.



Then we headed inside for cupcakes. Most of the kids were too interested in all of the cars and Tayo’s playground to eat their cupcakes. But Clarissa thoroughly enjoyed hers and wiped all of the frosting from her hands on to my leg! She also took the plane candle off of her cupcake so we just sang without lighting a candle.




I think our girl felt really special on her birthday. She loves opening presents. The fun part is that she kept receiving gifts in the mail on different days instead of all at once. I actually prefered it that way because it meant she opened one gift and really got a chance to play with it before she opened another one.

We decided to go back to the pool to try swimming again this Saturday. We got all the way there and then found out that they were having a swim meet that day and so we couldn’t swim yet again. But we learned that the pool is open Saturdays and not Sundays in the fall. So at least that was helpful information. Since the pool was a wash, I wanted to do something fun. They have bikes for rent at the old tennis courts in front of the pool. So for 3,000 won (less than $3) we rented Clarissa a tricycle. She loved it!

2015-08-29 11.34.25

She loved that it was pink. And that it was a dragon. And that when you touched the dragon’s hat, it made music. When we were finished, she decided to try a different bike. This time she wanted a Pororro two wheeled bike with training wheels. I think Clarissa and I will definitely take the bus to Duryu Park a few times this fall so that we can ride bikes again!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Clarissa

  1. marianne

    I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about Clarissa’s two year old birthday party. Your story telling gave me a front row seat to your adventure. Thanks for sharing. The pictures …so cute. 🙂


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