Everything is bigger in Seoul


The army must like to send Tim to training because this is the second time in five months that they sent him to Seoul. This time we are actually staying on base. Everything in Seoul is way bigger than Daegu.

Dragon Hill Lodge is massive. It has ten restaurants, an indoor pool, a playground, and several stores. Once we checked in to our room and put Clarissa down for her nap, I headed to the commissary. I am not exaggerating that the commissary is at least twice as big as the commissary on Camp Walker. I spent a lot more than I was planning to spend because they had things I can’t find in Daegu. Mostly junk food. Ahem. As I was carrying the bags to the elevator, a random lady pressed the button for me and then offered to help me with my bags. It turns out that her family is just arriving in Korea and they are moving to Daegu this week, so we exchanged contact information and are planning to meet up next week when I get home.

This morning, Clarissa and I slept in and then decided to walk in the rain to the library. We had rain jackets on, but along the way someone definitely stopped and asked where we were headed and gave us a ride to the library. They have to be safe on base right? That hasn’t happened on Walker in the rain yet. However, we did hitch a ride on a 90 degree day once.

The library was also several times larger than our library at Camp Walker. I thought ours was a decent size and has a designated children’s room. The children’s room is probably twice as big at Yongsan. I figured we would read a few books and find out what day they do story time here (Tuesday). But we happened to walk in during baby story time! So we played with a parachute, read a couple of books, and sang a few songs.

I think I have decided that library story time is just the place to be. It has been the easiest way to make friends in Daegu and we made friends again today. I think that every time I move, Clarissa and I will have to check out the story time at the local library.

Our new friends invited us to lunch. The Food Court at Yongsan is huge. At Walker, we have a Smoothie King, Taco Bell, Anthony’s Pizza, and Subway. There is also a Starbucks and a Burger King on post. The food court at Yongsan has Burger King, Taco Bell, Anthony’s Pizza, Subway, Starbucks, Baskin Robins, Dunkin Donuts, and Manchu Wok. I might have missed a few and there are other restraints on base besides the food court and the restaurants at Dragon Hill Lodge.

I had mentioned at the end of story time that I wanted to take Clarissa to the PX to get a new toy. Apparently there are multiple parts to the PX here. So our new friends took me to the specific building that you go to buy toys. I think the toy section is about as big as our entire PX in Daegu. So we bought a beach ball (what I really wanted since we could blow it up to play now but it would be easy to bring home), a Minnie Mouse floating toy, and a small Elmo in a car.

As we were leaving one of the moms gave me her contact information. She said they would probably go to the mall play place if it was raining tomorrow and we were invited. She also told me about another play group that meets on base tomorrow for Clarissa’s age group.

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