Adventures in Daegu


After our extended weekend in Seoul, we were ready to get back to exploring Daegu.

Every time we ride the bus, we pass the Seobu Bus Terminal. You can take an express bus here to Seoul, Busan, Pohang, and a few places I have not heard of. There is also a market just outside the terminal that I have wanted to check out for quite some time.

After the week of 95 degrees, 80 almost felt chilly on Saturday morning which made it a great day for exploring. Surprisingly, Clarissa stayed in her stroller for our entire three hour trip. It was about a twenty five minute walk to the bus terminal. It was an interesting walk. Tim and I have been learning to read Korean so we had several conversations like this:

“Hey, I think that says…”

“Cool. What does that mean?”

“I don’t know.”

We arrived at the bus terminal and saw my favorite sign (there is a sign you can see from our busses that says T.I.M.). Upon further inspection, there is a coffee shop named Cafe T.I.M. It’s on our list of places to check out, but we didn’t stop for a drink this trip.



The market was pretty cool. There were several people selling fish. Most were alive. We didn’t buy any so I don’t know if they kill them when you buy them or not. Some were really big and they had air pumping into their big troughs as well!


Other places had refrigerated fish. They were dead. But it was interesting because each fish still had all of his scales and eyes.


They even sold octopus!


It was interesting to see all of the different vegetables, grains, and foods they were selling at the market. I have been bugging Tim to go because we bought a Korean cookbook in Seoul. I wanted to find some ingredients. The problem is that I don’t know how to ask for everything I want, nor do I know what it looks like raw. So we didn’t buy much. I guess we need to work on our vocabulary to make it a more fruitful trip next time. Hopefully by fall I will be able to buy my produce at the market instead of the commissary or emart.

We did buy some chips. I think they were sweet potato and beet. But there may also have been another root in the mix. The chips didn’t taste greasy and fried. They were actually kind of sweet. Almost like they had been dipped in honey? We all enjoyed them.


We also bought the largest and tastiest grapes I have ever seen. They were also an excellent price, almost half that of the commissary and emart.


After naptime, we headed to City Center. Tim wanted to check out an electronics store. On the way there we walked through Monument 2.28 park (across from Novotel where we stayed our first two weeks in Korea). There was a music group there performing. As we got closer, I recognized their song. They were singing “Days of Elijah,” in Korean of course. But it was neat to hear a worship song that I recognized while on the other side of the world. I stopped to take a video. I am glad I did it then because they were packing up on our way back through the park.

We did more errands than exploring on Sunday. We walked down to a different Home Plus and our normal emart to buy some things we can’t get at the commissary. Perhaps my favorite thing about Sunday was our bed. Our mattress has been on the floor for a month now because when our household goods arrived, the screws to our bed were missing. We tried to find a hardware store, but were unsuccessful so I eventually ordered some off of Amazon (although now I have 100 screws, nuts, and washers, so if you need one let me know!). They arrived on Friday so we put the bed together during naptime on Sunday. It is nice because now the room feels more put together.

This week was pretty normal for us in that Clarissa and I played outside a lot. One morning I tricked her into letting me do her hair. I braided my hair and asked if she wanted her hair to be pretty like mommy’s. She said, “please,” and sat really quiet and still so I could french braid her hair. Then I put her in the stroller and we headed downstairs to take out the trash. By the time we got to B1, she had taken the braid out of her hair. But it looked cute for five minutes anyway.




Clarissa has really matured lately. She enjoys coloring and playing with bubbles. We did both outside this week. She has also learned to climb the steps and go down the slide all by herself! Today it was raining so we went to the indoor playground and she figured out how to climb up on that one as well. It is built differently so I was surprised she figured it out. It might have helped that there was a three year old in there so she could see how to do it. But she had a great time playing with her new friend. Not that they could talk to each other, but her mother spoke some English.


On Thursday, my friend who lives in our building (that I met at story time three days before she had her baby in March) drove Clarissa and I to story time. It was the first time Clarissa sat in her carseat in three months and she did really well. I must say that it made life so much easier to drive to story time and to be able to put our groceries in the car for a change instead of taking the bus on a 95 degree day. I also enjoyed having lunch with my friend. I think I have had the best luck at making friends at the library’s story time than anywhere else so far. Clasrissa has a little friend too and we are going to get together for a play date soon.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Daegu

  1. grammy

    I enjoyed your trip through the city. Beet chips sound yummy.I will have to try and make them. The sign with Tim’s name on it was pretty cool. Let me know what you find when you check it out. The green grapes look delicious and a great price too. As always I like to hear about Clarissa. I always enjoy seeing her pretty smiling face. Her hair did look great in the pic. Maybe, when she is older the braid will stay in longer. Glad you enjoyed the trip. xoxo


  2. Omi

    As always, I love reading about your adventures! I think this will be a really cool thing for Clarissa in the future to see these things that you have done that she may not ever remember when she gets older except for your wonderful writing and photos!
    The fish that you saw at the market were most likely brought in fresh……not that I have experience with fish markets but that is what we have seen on t.v. travel programs. They still have their eyes and their scales because they were not processed right off the boat. I personally would not want to have to clean my fish after buying them that way but they say that is the freshest you can get them.

    You know that I am a fan of sweet potato and beet chips so I can understand that you all would like them! I especially love the beet chips and will have to see how your mom does with making them!

    I loved her hair in the French braid, it was beautiful! I’m also glad to hear about the friends that you and Clarissa have made.


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