Another Seoul Adventure


Is it really the last week of May?

The house is mostly set up the way we want it.  Never found the screws for furniture.  We have since ordered some online though they have yet to arrive.

Clarissa had her first flu.  At least I think that is what it was.  She had a fever and was generally miserable for a couple of days.  But we got plenty of snuggles in.


Tim was sick too, just not as long. Thankfully I stayed healthy. It seems like any time I try to wean her, she gets sick. I guess we will be nursing for a while!

We went to the last PWC of the semester. Clarissa didn’t cry when I dropped her off at the nursery for the first time since we moved to Korea! At the end, her teacher gave her the Elmo that I thought we lost at our first PWC two months ago (have we really been in Daegu that long?)!

This weekend we went back to Seoul. This time we stayed with friends instead of at a hotel. Clarissa loved playing with their dog!

On Saturday, we went to a folk village. It was neat to see the traditional houses but we didn’t stay long because they looked a lot like the palace we saw last month.




Clarissa’s favorite part was the fish!


We had lunch in Myeongdong, which has a lot of shopping. Then we headed back to the apartment for Clarissa’s nap. Tim and I were able to go on our first date since moving to South Korea. It was a pretty big deal since Clarissa’s only babysitters so far have been grandparents. But Tim has known these friends for ten years so this is the closest we get to family in Korea.

Clarissa had fun and we really enjoyed our time together. We went back to Coex mall to really explore since Clarissa was getting tired last time. Tim bought a Gundam model that he really wanted. We tried Vietnamese for dinner and it was delicious.

On Sunday, we headed to Seoul Forest. It wasn’t what we expected but there were some beautiful flowers.


There was also an awesome playground for Clarissa.

We headed to ipark in Yongsan for lunch and explored an awesome toy store there. It was almost dinner by the time we got home so we ended up staying home for the rest of the evening. We did play in the playground at the apartment. Clarissa is really confident in climbing steps and going down the slide now.

On Monday we headed to Suwon to meet up with Minnie. She brought us to a Korean fusion restaurant. She said it had some western things but it seemed pretty Korean to me!



They brought out two different courses of food. It was a communal meal where we all used chopsticks. There were several things we had never seen before and we would ask Minnie and she usually didn’t know the translation because it is not something you would find in America. We tried it all and really enjoyed it. We sampled a few flowers, roots, mushrooms, and even octopus. There was also pumpkin soup and pureed leek. Clarissa had some noodles but mostly stuck to rice.

We then headed to Hwaseong Fortress. We were going to take a train to see around it (Tim and I did the full three hour hike in 2012) but it was sold out. It was a national holiday, Buddah’s birthday.

We did get to see the city from a different angle on our walk.


Driving around we saw a man walking backwards. Apparently it used to be very popular in Korea as they believed it was good for your feet.

Minnie then took us to a small petting zoo. Clarissa was excited about the rabbits and birds. Then she got to feed the goats.


We went to a park at one gate (there are four) of the Fortress. Clarissa had a great time running around. Her favorite part was looking at bugs and playing with grass. Tim got some pictures of the Fortress from different angles.

Before we left, we walked down a street that reminded Tim of Insadong. There were food stands and craft shops. Tim and Clarissa bought some candy they were making on the street. They had samples to try. I didn’t care for it but they liked it so they bought some bear shaped candy. I tried some chocolate covered banana. It was different than I expected. At home, my mom would freeze or refrigerate the chocolate so it would harden. But it was 85 degrees outside so it was really fondue because I was able to dip it myself. Still tasted great.

I think we will go back to that area when Clarissa is older. They had several craft stands. The kids were making things out of beads and leather.
I thought it was hot in Seoul this weekend, but then we came home and it was 90. A few times this weekend we would tell a Korean that we lived in Daegu and they would tell us that it was very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter because of the bowl effect of the mountains. Before we moved here, I looked up the average temperature year round and it didn’t look much different from Virginia Beach. It will be interesting to see what the weather really is like.

2 thoughts on “Another Seoul Adventure

  1. grammy

    Enjoyed all the pics .:) When Tim was holding Clarissa outside of the traditional house , they had the same expression on their face.Adorable. The pic with all 3 of you in the Hwaseong Forest was great.Love the sunglasses. The pic with all the food …yum…glad I do not have to do those dishes. You looked authentic in your dress. I am glad Clarissa got Elmo back.:) Glad you enjoyed the weekend . It did look fun.


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