Settling in (week 3)


I think it is finally starting to sink in that Daegu is home. Hotel life made it feel like more of a really long vacation. But now that we are in our new apartment and I have to do dishes and cook again, it feels more normal.

On Sunday, we tried our first church. We were surprised because Tim’s boss was there. It was a small church. The sanctuary might seat 100? The only other child in the nursery was almost five. But she and Clarissa love each other.

Neither of us was thrilled with the service itself. But I have never been welcomed that many times in a place in my life! The people were all very friendly. After service each week, the whole congregation eats lunch together in the fellowship hall. New people sit at a special table so that you can get to know the pastor.Tim’s boss ate with us as well. Apparently he is one of the founding members of the church. He is a great guy.

So, it’s not completely ruled out because of the people. But we want to check out the other churches too to see if one is more like Forefront.

I meant to go to the chiropractor before we moved but the weather made that difficult. By Monday, I was so sore that I was getting migraines. There is a spa in the hotel that does massages 24 hours per day, so Tim and I decided that I should get one after I put Clarissa to bed.

It was a Thai massage. Until then I have only had Swedish. This was radically different. It started off with a warm water foot soak and some tea. Then she brought me to a room and told me to lie on a mat on the floor.

She probably spent 20 minutes massaging my legs. Then she massaged my hips. My hips have bothered me on and off since I was pregnant with Clarissa. It hurt while she was doing it, but I have not had any problems since. Needless to say, if you have any problems with your hips, I recommend a Thai massage.

The whole thing was pretty intense. For example, half way in, she was pressing on my abdomen. She asked if it hurt. I wanted to say “You told me to drink tea a half hour ago and now you are pressing on my bladder!” but I didn’t.

I think my Swedish massages have focused on my back and neck. Everything else was an after thought. The Thai massage spent an equal amount of time on each area of the body. She even massaged the top of my head and my ears! I think I may have to go back at some point as a treat to myself. I don’t know if I will go back to the hotel or if I will try a different place.

On Tuesday, we signed the lease for our new apartment and then Clarissa and I had lunch with Tim on base.

Wednesday, Clarissa and I took our first subway ride with just the two of us. We missed the first train because the line of people would not get out of the way for us to get out of the elevator. But God totally redeemed it because when we arrived at our stop by base, they saw us coming and held the first elevator for us. Then when we got to the next elevator, it didn’t look like we would fit with the stroller if everyone got on, so this gentleman said, “After you!” (He actually did fit afterall).

We had lunch with Tim and then headed to the PX to buy some things for the apartment. The army has loaner furniture but doesn’t have things like towels or sheets. It normally isn’t a problem, but since we set the record for moving in to an apartment, our linens won’t arrive for at least another two weeks.

I was looking forward to taking a picture of Clarissa in the stroller with all of our stuff and bragging about how we got it all back to the hotel by subway. But it would not all fit so I had to take a taxi. Tim was actually happy about this. He was concerned it would not be safe to carry everything back myself.

Thursday was moving day. Tim’s boss and sponsor came to the hotel to pick us up with all of our stuff. I was able to unpack all of the suitcases before the deliveries started.

The housing office brought us loaner furniture. The refrigerator and dryer were too big to fit through the door of the laundry room. Not a problem. They simply took out the window to the computer room and slid them in that way.


The landlord bought us a new Korean washing machine. This did not have a problem fitting through the door. It looks small on the outside, but is actually a decent size inside. The fun part was using Google translate to figure out what all of the buttons mean.


Our microwave and water filter were also delivered on Thursday. The gas dryer was hooked up. It was a busy day.

In the evening, we decided to walk to emart (like a Target or Walmart) because we didn’t have any groceries. On the way we discovered a store called Toy and Mom. Think Babies R Us, but in a store the size of Trader Joe’s. This store was about a five minute walk from the house so I imagine that I will be there a lot.

It was only another 5-10 minute walk to emart. We bought a few things that we needed. We were hungry and wanted to eat in the food court there but could not figure it out. There was a computerized menu where you could order and pay with a credit card. But it was all in Hangul so we could not figure out how to finish the order. We waited a bit but it was 8:00 and no one else came to order. So we went across the street to McDonald’s. I honestly have not eaten there in ages. But the food seemed less greasy to me.

On Friday, I was able to Skype with Shannon. Tim took the bus to work. He got to come home at lunch time because the army let us borrow some kitchen items like pots, plates, and forks. We had talked about him bringing them home at the end of the day but his boss thought I might like to have it earlier. It worked well because Tim was here when the KT guy was here to connect the Internet because he wanted to be here for that.

Tim went back to work. After naptime, Clarissa and I took the bus to base. We met Tim at the commissary to buy more groceries now that I knew what my options were for cooking.

Saturday was for exploring. We live near a busy intersection and had seen one direction on the way to emart. We decided to go a different direction. We walked straight for a mile or two (I am a horrible judge of distance). Then we turned left and headed for Drury park. It was pretty but we definitely need to come back once everything has bloomed in a few weeks.


It was actually a huge place with hills and walking trails. We walked around the perimeter of the park. We have heard that there are awesome views from Daegu Tower, which we could see across the street, behind E-world. But we could not figure out which road to take to get there.


By this time, we had been walking for over two hours so we decided to try the subway line nearby and see how far it is from our house. So we took the green line two stops and got off. On the way home, we stopped at a food court. It seriously had 20 restaurants to choose from. We ended up with Pizza Hut. Though it was really greasy and I don’t think we will eat there again.

We decided to pick up a few more things from emart and then headed home to put Clarissa down for her nap.

I also had my first operator error with a Korean appliance. I didn’t realize that in addition to turning on the transformer, I also had to turn on the gas to work the dryer. I was getting very frustrated that the dryer was on a long time but the clothes were still wet. Tim figured out the problem. Now I know…

On Sunday, we took the bus to base so that we could pick up a few things at the PX. We could not figure out dishwasher detergent at emart on Saturday. We also wanted to look at our furniture options since we didn’t ship our couch or table. At my spouse orientation, they said that there was a larger selection at Osan and they could ship it to the PX here in Daegu. But we were actually pretty pleased with the selection here.

After naptime, we made yet another trek to emart. This time we brought our luggage cart so that between that and the stroller, we could bring back a printer and a vacuum. Clarissa had her first major temper tantrum in public at emart. She wanted to run through the aisles and was not happy with her options of stroller or being held. But we all survived.

After a snack, we decided to check out the indoor playground in our building. The door was locked so we opted to play outside instead. Clarissa had a great time. There is a car for her to ride around in and two slides.


This morning, I decided to take out the trash. It is different than in the United States in that you have to separate EVERYTHING. There is a bin for plastic, plastic bags, cans, glass, paper, general trash, and food waste. There were other containers too but they weren’t in English so I don’t know what to put there.



Then Clarissa and I wanted to try the indoor playground. But it was still closed. I took a picture of the sign to translate later.


But we brought our coats just in case and played outside instead.


2 thoughts on “Settling in (week 3)

  1. Stephanie

    Awesome! So glad you guys are getting adjusted. It’s crazy to see this God dream you both had in your heart come to fruition. Love and miss ya


  2. Lisa Faust

    Thank you so much, Suzanne for taking us through your week! This was fun seeing what you’ve dealt with and how it worked out! I see so many wonderful answers to prayer!


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