Moving right along (week 2)


On Monday, we got to see part of two bases.  One base has all of the HR stuff,  so that is where I had to go to get my ID.  We saw the PX (post exchange)  in the afternoon. 

I was looking forward to a relaxing Tuesday because Clarissa has been sick and I wanted her to be able to rest. We started the morning with a Skype call to my parents. Then the realtor called so Clarissa and I took a taxi to meet Tim and the realtor.  It was worth it! 

Our realtor,  Michelle,  is a really nice,  Christian lady.  She showed us around an apartment complex.  It has an indoor and an outdoor playground,  a barbecue /picnic area on the roof,  and a fitness center.  Plus it is in an excellent location to get to Home Plus,  Emart (like the Korean equivalents of Walmart and Target),  and to Tim’s job.  We were pretty sold on the place before we saw the inside of the apartments. 

The first one she showed us was a three bedroom with hardwood floors.  I loved it.  Then we saw two different four bedroom apartments.  Our favorite was the three bedroom that just so happens to be on the thirteenth floor.  (For those of you who don’t know,  13 is a pretty significant number for us.  Tim was born on Friday the 13th. We started dating on a Friday the 13th…)

For lunch,  Michelle took us to a Korean restaurant across the street from the apartment.  The food was great.  I forgot to take pictures,  but my favorite was what Michelle called Korean pizza.  It had some vegetables in the crust so it almost looked like a spinach omelette.  And it had cooked octopus on top.  It was delicious!  I am glad she did not tell me what was in it at first because I may not have tried it.

Tuesday night,  we walked to Hyundai department store for dinner.  Tim had two different kinds of sushi that looked beautiful.  I tried them,  they were good.



On the way out,  we stopped so Clarissa could look at the phone booth fish tank.   I thought the jellyfish looked pretty cool.  She was impressed with it all and didn’t want to leave.



On Wednesday,  Clarissa and I Skyped Tim’s parents.  Then, Michelle called to say that we could get the three bedroom apartment we wanted.  We did go to see two other apartments with a different realtor in case that one fell through (we have heard plenty of stories in the past week). Although they were both bigger,  we didn’t really like them in comparison to the first one. 

Wednesday evening,  we decided to try a different restaurant in Hyundai department store (like a high end mall). This time we had Korean.  I got dolsot bibimbap and Tim got the spicy version. That is what we normally order at the Korean restaurant in Virginia Beach.  These were excellent. 



They brought this out for Clarissa’s free meal.


She tried the pickled fruit (but was not impressed)  and just played with the bamboo shoots.  She devoured the rice though. 


Wednesday was the first night that Clarissa actually slept all night since our arrival.  It was such a welcome change since we have been waking up multiple times each night.

Thursday,  I had to attend a spouse orientation on base.  The taxis are very busy that time of day so I ended up sharing with two women from the hotel.  They were very nice.  We decided to sit together and rode back together as well.  I had Clarissa with me and was struggling to keep her quiet and entertained.  But a half hour in to the spouse orientation,  they opened up free child care.  So Clarissa got to play with three other little girls and two Korean grandmas.

Clarissa did not nap until we got back.  She nursed to sleep (I cannot tell you how thankful I am that we are still nursing.  I think that has made this huge change easier for Clarissa.). She woke up when Tim got home from work and then crawled next to me and slept on the bed for another three hours! 


Tim and I were so tired that we decided to eat cereal in our room instead of going out to eat. 

Friday,  we had a housing inspection.  We will get a housing allowance while we are here,  so the army has to come and inspect your house before you can sign a lease.  Our apartment passed! We will sign our lease on Tuesday and move in on Thursday. 


The elevator in our building has hilarious (we think anyway)  signs.



Last night we tried a cute little Thai restaurant downtown.  The food was slightly different than what we get in Virginia Beach,  but it was excellent.

Saturday was laundry day,  as our hotel does not offer laundry service.  So we packed our largest suitcase and took the subway to the laundromat on base.  Clarissa actually did pretty well with the waiting.  She had plenty to look at and play with.



Tomorrow we will check out an English speaking church in Daegu.

How you can pray for us

Thank you for praying for us.

Clarissa is getting over her cold.

We are thrilled about our apartment. God gave us ridiculous favor. I think we actually set a record for finding an apartment! Everyone we have talked to so far has been here over a month without finding an apartment. We will get to move in to our apartment after only being in South Korea for two weeks.

You can pray for a smooth transition to our apartment. Because we found it so fast, our unaccompanied baggage will not arrive until March 25 and our household goods until April 27. The army will let us borrow some furniture and pots. But we will have to buy sheets, towels, and pillows.

We are thrilled to be leaving hotel life though. You can pray that we will make friends quickly at our new home.

We are going to visit Daegu Faith international church tomorrow. You can pray that God would show us if that is our new church home and how to become involved.

Our home in Norfolk has had some showings, but still no renters yet.

Josie continues to do well in her new home. Her mom sent me a picture today. That is such a blessing.

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