Tomorrow! Tomorrow! We are leaving tomorrow!


It’s hard to believe that in nine hours I will be on a plane,  moving out of the country.

Moving has been a lot more work than I thought it would be. This week of snow didn’t help our time line either. But we have been so blessed during this process.  My parents have watched Clarissa so that I could clean,  pack,  and paint.  Tim’s parents came to help as well.  Shannon spent her Saturday cleaning my house too. 

We got to visit Josie yesterday.  She was definitely excited to see us and tried to leave with us.  But she is doing very well in her new home.  She looks great and seems happy.  That was good closure for me,  even if it was hard to leave her.

We sold Tim’s car today.  That was quite a relief. 

God is totally all over this move. There are so many variables and unknowns heading into tomorrow. Normally that bothers my control freak nature. But God must be working on me because other than being exhausted, I have complete peace about this move. I am not nervous or anxious about anything.

Ways you can pray for us right now :

I am finally getting over a nasty cold that I have had for about three weeks. Clarissa woke up congested this morning. Jet lag also has a way of weakening an immune system.

There is a fourteen hour time difference so there is a practical need for a routine with a toddler. Tim will be starting a new job. We will be living in a different country with a different language and culture. We really don’t know anyone where we are going.

We have a hotel reservation, but I don’t really know how long we will be there until we move in to our apartment. We will get our belongings in two different shipments and also use some loaner furniture in the meantime.

Life back home
Obviously we will miss our family and friends. Both grandmothers cried, so you can say a special prayer for them.

Our house looks great and has fresh paint. But we still don’t have a renter. So you can pray that God would send the right family for our house.

Travel mercies
We have three flights. We will be in transit from about 430am Monday to 630am Tuesday eastern standard time. So you can be praying that we make all of our flights, that our bags also arrive, and that our toddler travels well. Twenty six hours is a long time to travel. So all three of us will need to sleep at some point. There is a chance of snow in at least two of our locations tomorrow.

Starting our new life in Korea
Obviously there is a reason that God chose this time and place to send us to South Korea. We want to do God’s best for us there.

So you can pray for us that we would have wisdom in where to live, what church to be a part of, which activities to attend, and who to hang out with.

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