Two weeks and counting


We move to South Korea in two weeks! Thanks to those who have been praying. God has already answered some of our prayer requests from the last post.

We found a new home for Josie.  I went ahead and made an appointment to surrender Josie,  just in case we could not find a home.  I posted and shared in a few places without any luck.

Last weekend,  some friends of a friend came to meet Josie.  I liked them a lot.  The only problem was that they have a cat so we didn’t know what would happen.  But they really liked Josie so we started what we are calling a trial.

I should have kept Josie a while longer because she is doing wonderfully in her new home.  Her new mom texts me pictures each day.  She looks happy.  She and the cat even play their own little version of hide and seek.

God really answered that prayer.

Our house
Our house officially went on the rental market this week. We had our first showing on Friday. We would really like to have a renter for March 1.

For the most part, we have gone through everything we own and done a big purge. We have sold several items and plan to donate a lot as well. (Prayer request – two Fridays in a row I have scheduled donation pick ups and they never came to get our things. I am trying with a third organization on Tuesday. I want my donation to be a blessing, but it needs to get picked up first…)

I feel like we have a pretty good idea of what to pack in suitcases, unaccompanied baggage, and household goods at this point. That makes my life much less stressful!

Travel mercies
Clarissa’s passport finally came!

I guess our prayer requests at this point would be to finish well here before we move.

This will be Tim’s last week of work. They are giving him a going away luncheon on Tuesday, which surprised me since he has only been there since November. But they seem to think he is awesome (which I totally agree with and is great for his confidence going into a new job).

Just pray that we would be wise with our time during these next two weeks. That we would get to see and say goodbye to the people we need to stay in relationships with.

Tim’s parents are coming to visit the 12th – 16th. You can pray for safe travels for them. They started their last trip with a tire blow out!

And Tim’s request would probably be to have time to relax before we go. He has been working during the day and then coming home to work on moving stuff so he has not had a lot of down time lately.

You can also pray about Tim’s car. We took it in last week for something we thought would be $50 and ended up being $500. And another light came on that we need to fix before we can sell the car. We still owe money on it and would really like to break even on this car when we sell it.

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