This is really happening!


We talked about living in South Korea so much that at one point a couple of years ago,  it seemed normal.  There was no doubt in our minds that it would someday happen.

This job offer feels like it came out of nowhere.  I know that isn’t true.  At this point in time we were living in the place of wanting to go someday,  but trusting that God would make it happen in His perfect timing meant that I thought it would probably be a while before it actually happened.  So, although it may seem random,  I know this is God’s perfect timing for us to move to Korea.

There are so many preparations where God has already given us favor. Every day it seems more and more real. Which is good, because we are actually moving in five weeks!

There are several ways that you can pray for our family during this transition.



As much as I love Josie, she can’t come with us. Please pray for a new family for Josie.

Our house

We are going to rent out our house while we are gone. Please pray that God would provide a renter for March and that the house would never be vacant. Pray that this renter would take care of the house, but also that our house would be a blessing to them.

Travel mercies

We will be in transit for about 26 hours from Virginia Beach to Daegu. That is a long day for anyone. Clarissa will be 18 months old. That is a long time to sit and be calm. Tim has to report to work about 13 hours after we land in Daegu because of a holiday there. There is a fourteen hour time difference so that should be fun…

Oh and Clarissa’s passport has yet to arrive. We applied for it a few weeks ago and paid to expedite it. But apparently, the photo had red eye and so we had to mail a new photo. The post office took three just to be safe. Hopefully these will work… Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a toddler head on while she sits on a stool? All of the pictures look like they have red eye to me, though not as bad as the first one.

Hotel life

We will be living in a hotel for about a week before we leave. That shouldn’t be too bad because we have a suite and it will be easier to pack, clean, and paint our house if we don’t have to sleep there.

We will be in a hotel in Korea until we find an apartment and all of the paperwork goes through. Tim’s sponsor said it took about six weeks for him. The hotel we will be staying in is highly recommended but is just a bedroom. There is a shower but no bathtub.

Please pray that we can all adjust quickly to the time change and that Clarissa gets into a good routine.

Pray also for wisdom in what to pack and in which shipment. We will likely be living out of suitcases for a month or two. Our unaccompanied baggage will be delivered when we move into our new apartment. A month or two after that our household goods shipment will arrive.

House hunting

Pray for wisdom in where we should live. We get a housing allowance, so we want to stay in budget. It is a large city so there are many options.

We want a safe and welcoming place to call home for the next 3-5 years.


We need a good church home that Tim and I both like. With a children’s program that Clarissa will be safe and loved on.


That Tim would really enjoy his job and do well.


Several of Tim’s friends no longer live in Korea. I don’t have any friends currently living in Korea. Church might be a good way to meet people. Tim will be working. I have seen a few events for spouses as well. Would love to have a Christian girlfriend to pray with regularly.

God’s best

We know that this is the right time to go to Korea or God would not have arranged everything so beautifully. I don’t know what God’s plan is for us at this time or this place. But I want to be obedient and do whatever He has called us to there.


18 months is a fun age wherever you live. I don’t know how memories work at this age; if Clarissa will miss Josie or her grandparents. She is into everything and loves to climb. Hotels are not necessarily toddler proof.

She is also getting picker about what she eats. While we are in a hotel, I can’t do much cooking. Pray we can find healthy things for her to eat. She is sleeping through the night most of the time and napping regularly. Pray that continues with a fourteen hour time difference and a strange room.

I think she will be fine. I just want her to flourish and grow.

Thanks for praying for us! Let me know how I can be praying for you.

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