God answers prayer


There seems to be a pattern in my life. I want something really bad and I am frustrated that it doesn’t happen. Eventually I get to the place where I am content and can live without whatever it is that I think I want. Then, randomly, I get said desire. And it is usually way better than what I thought I wanted originally.

A couple of months ago, I wrote about how Tim and I felt called to South Korea but it wasn’t time yet. Tim had been applying for jobs for two and a half years but got a new local job and so we decided to take a break from Korea stuff for a while because it wasn’t time yet. We were wrong.

God has been orchestrating a pretty cool story for us. One of the jobs Tim applied for in the fall asked for an interview in November. Tim had just started the new job and was excited about it so he was going to cancel the interview. But we were busy that weekend and forgot to cancel. So when they called, Tim went ahead and did the interview. We didn’t think much of it.

About a month ago, one of my friends at school asked about Korea. I told her that we decided to put that on hold for a bit. We caught up on each other’s lives and plans and it started me thinking. I only seem to do things for about two years. I was at Calcott two years before I was transferred to Jacox. I taught at Jacox two years, was at KPC for less than two years, and this Is my second year tutoring at Calcott.

That night I went to bed around midnight. Five minutes later, Tim runs in and shoves his phone in my face. It was an email asking if he was still interested in the job he interviewed for in South Korea.

After a month long process, Tim received the official job offer on Monday night. We fly to Daegu, South Korea on Monday, February 23rd.

When we think about it, God has really been preparing things for us for the past several months.

This summer, Clarissa and I went to Connecticut to visit my dad’s side of the family. I had not visited in five years so it was great to see everyone. They were all able to meet and hold Clarissa.

Tim and I both tried to volunteer at church but nothing really worked out.

We randomly switched banks this fall because of a promotion Discover was doing. They don’t have a foreign transaction fee, but our old bank did.

For a while this year, it seemed like everything was breaking and needed to be fixed but because of Tim’s new job, we had the cash to fix them.

We had already planned to go to Pennsylvania for Christmas. Now everyone in Tim’s family has had a chance to meet Clarissa and we were able to say goodbye.

For the past two years, I have been praying that my car
would last until we moved to Korea. It ran wonderfully until it was hit on Monday, the day Tim received the official job offer. Not only that, but the insurance company is going to give me twice the amount of what I thought I could get for my car!

Even when I think about the initial word that God gave me about Korea, it makes sense. God told me that our next move would be South Korea. I had the feeling it would be in 3-5 years. That word was mid February 2012 so it is exactly three years.

Yes, God has been answering prayers behind the scenes for a while. We just didn’t see all of it until now.

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