First Pennsylvania Christmas


Tim and I just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. We have spent many Thanksgivings in Pennsylvania, but this was our first Christmas there.

The drive seemed longer than normal with Clarissa in the car. Though she did very well! She slept a couple of hours each way and seemed content until it was dark outside. On the way, she talked to Omi and Pop on the phone. That seemed to help. Then, she got to look at some Kindle books on my phone. I have never been so thankful for my smartphone!

Clarissa’s sleep was hit or miss. But, all things considered, I think this was our best trip to Pennsylvania ever.

We arrived on Christmas Eve. The tradition is that you get to open one present. Clarissa opened her very first present. It took her a little while to figure out how to do it.


(She discovered one of Tim’s hats from his Air Force days and pretty much wore it all weekend.) Omi and Pop gave her what they called “her first smartphone.” She loved it! It lights up, counts, and sings. She started running through the house with it.


She wanted Omi to read her bedtime stories that night.


Christmas was fun. Gramam came over for the day. Clarissa’s favorite present was definitely an Elmo that is as big as she is. He sings, hugs (which freaked her out at first), talks, and snores. He even says “Hey! Elmo’s upside down,” and clears his throat when she is playing too rough. She really enjoyed the toy, even though we have yet to watch Sesame Street together.

If I ever get around to posting a video, you will see how Clarissa’s face lights up and she starts dancing whenever Elmo sings.


She was so tired that evening that she fell asleep in the kitchen while Omi and I were talking (which has not happened in like a year)!

The day after Christmas, Tim and I got the to have a little date. After dinner we all went to see some trains. I was picturing a few trains with Santa or something. But it was really cool. It filled a room bigger than my house and showed several towns. I was able to see a model of a coal mine and the river where we became engaged.


Clarissa really enjoyed when the trains went by.


Then we went to a baseball field with Christmas lights. They even had live reindeer! Clarissa loved it.

On Saturday, Clarissa got to play outside with Daddy and Pop before we went to the family Christmas party.



We ate a lot of great food this weekend. Lots of dessert! Best of all, I didn’t really have to cook or clean all weekend!

It was hard to say goodbye on Sunday morning. But hopefully we will see them again soon.


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