A reflection on Mary


I love that this time of year all of the radio stations play Christmas music.

I have been doing Truth in the Tinsel with Clarissa the past two weeks for Advent.  The past couple of days the reading has been Luke 2:1-7 about how Mary and Joseph had gone to Bethlehem to be counted.

So as I was listening to the radio in the car today,  this hit me.  Like a hurricane.

Mary had baby Jesus in a barn.  A barn.  On hay.  With animals.  With cow poop nearby.

Child birth is a wonderful thing.  But it’s hard.  And it HURTS.  I had a hard enough time in a hospital.  With an epidural.  But Mary had ridden a donkey for who knows how many days.  She finally gets to her destination and probably just wanted a bed to lie down.  And what she gets is a barn.  A smelly barn with animals.  I bet it was loud.  And it probably stunk.  I wonder if the innkeeper had given other people permission to sleep in his barn?

And then she birthed Jesus.  I wonder who was there to help her.  Did Joseph deliver that baby? How awkward would that have been? Yes they were engaged,  but they had not slept together yet.

I wonder if Mary knew it would happen this way,  if she would have been willing.  Would she have wanted to be the Lord’s servant in this way?  God sure picked a strong woman to birth the savior of the world.

Being a mom is hard work.  Did she feel added pressure because of who Jesus was? Did Jesus look like them?  Did God give Jesus Joseph’s eyes and Mary’s nose?

I am so thankful for Jesus.  That God sent Him to save us.  That Jesus chose to leave Heaven and come to Earth,  knowing that the people He came to save would hang Him on a cross to die.

Now that I am a mom,  I am also thankful for Mary (and Joseph).  They chose to do some really hard things to do their part to save the world.

I wonder what kinds of things God will ask me to do as I raise Clarissa?  Will I be as obedient and willing as Mary was?

Thank you God for Christmas.  Thank you for baby Jesus.  And grown up Jesus.  Thank you for choosing Mary and Joseph to be Jesus’s parents.  Thank you for their willingness and obedience even in hard things.  Thank you for Clarissa.  Help me to be willing and obedient to raise her to be who You created her to be.

One thought on “A reflection on Mary

  1. Marianne Sharkey

    what a great thought and definitely something to chew on. Thanks so much for that thought. You are a great Mom and God will continue to give you the strength and wisdom to guide your beautiful gift …Clarissa.


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